6 SEO Tips for Lawyers

Having a well-optimized law firm website is easier said than done, so this article provides helpful search engine optimization tips to help your website to achieve good organic keyword rankings.

Having a website is the first key component to a successful internet marketing presence. The second key component is having a website that ranks high in the search engines for targeted keywords.  This is the best way to leverage your website to warrant the right leads.

In order to get web leads and phone calls from visitors, a law firm website needs a decent amount of traffic. Along with direct visits to the website and referral traffic, another critical source of traffic is visitors who find your website when it ranks organically for targeted keywords. Some call this “being up there in the searches” or “search engine optimization”, otherwise known as “SEO.”

6 SEO Tips for Law Firm Websites

Having a well-optimized law firm website is easier said than done, so this article provides helpful search engine optimization tips to help your website to achieve good organic keyword rankings.

Determine The Keywords For Which You Want Your Website To Rank

Determining your keywords is the smartest first step in your law firm website optimization. If you go for more targeted keywords then you are more likely to get the right kind of leads. For example, “Raleigh Attorney” is too broad of a search term. And, let’s be honest, there are probably no law firms handling every single type of litigation! A better keyword strategy would be to use more refined keywords such as “Raleigh Divorce Attorney.”

See Where Other Law Firms Rank for Your Keywords

Once you’ve determined the keywords you want to rank for, search those same terms in Google to see what other law firm websites already rank. This gives you and idea of your competition on the internet for organic keyword rankings.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Searches from mobile devices continue to increase for law firm websites. This means it’s critical to ensure that your website loads quickly and is well-designed for a smartphone. A mobile-friendly website is also a factor in the search engine optimization of the site.  Google has the ability prohibit ranking improvements for non-mobile-friendly websites. As of April 21, 2015, Google officially announced that a website’s mobile-friendliness is a ranking signal.

Optimize Your Website Home Page to Align with your Keywords

Make sure that all of the primary elements of your home page are aligned with your keywords. Include well-optimized content and images along with an optimized H1, title tag, and meta description.

Create Keyword Specific Website Pages

The search engines award higher rankings to websites offering the most amount of relevant information about a specific keyword. The more content your site has about a keyword, the better. So create as many pages of content as you can about a keyword. For example, if you are trying to rank for family law in your area, consider having the following pages on your website: divorce, child custody, alimony, separation agreements, collaborative divorce, property distribution, and divorce options.

Content Helps Improve Law Firm SEO

When creating each page, use an SEO friendly URL, title tag, meta description H1, H2s, and also be sure the content is a minimum of 400 words.

Track Your Organic Keyword Rankings

To check if your site is ranking for your targeted keywords, use a keyword ranking tool. This is a big help in determining results for all of the efforts you’ve put into optimizing your site.

Organic Keyword Rankings for Law Firm SEO

If your rankings do not improve right away, be patient. The search engines sometimes take awhile to catch on to search engine optimization efforts.

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization is Impactful

Keep in mind that optimizing your law firm website will have a big impact on how your website appears on search engines like Google and Bing. If you, the partner of your law firm, are taking on the task of optimizing your firm’s website, you may only need a couple of minutes a day to complete the suggestions above. Once you’ve completed the technical optimization of your website, remember to maintain a commitment to adding new and relevant content, whether it be new pages or blog posts. Search engine optimization is like going to the gym: it only pays off if you commit to working on it.

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