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Questions & Answers

You have questions… we have answers. The internet is vast, and many times you will see random acronyms that make no sense, get confused by terminology, or wonder what makes a website run the way it does. The team at TheeDigital take our most popular questions and answer them in this section.

What Are WordPress Shortcodes
WordPress 5 min read

What are WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes are a great way to additional functionality to your WordPress website without needing any programming knowledge.…
Richard Horvath

Death of Marketing?
Questions & Answers 3 min read

Is (Traditional) Marketing Dead?

Is marketing dead? That was the implication from a blog post recently published on the Harvard Business…
Richard Horvath

Search Engine Spiders
Questions & Answers 2 min read

What Are Spiders?

No need to be afraid! These are simply automated programs which scan websites to provide information to…
Richard Horvath

Questions & Answers < 1 read

What Is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a collection of web pages focused on a theme, project, or collaboration designed to…
Richard Horvath

Why You Should Add Videos to Your Website Blog Thumbnail
Strategy & Consulting 10 min read

Why You Should Add Videos to Your Website

Are you curious about adding video to your website? Are you unsure if it will help you…
Richard Horvath

What Is SEO
Questions & Answers 17 min read

What is SEO? Understanding Search Engine Optimization and SEO Basics

A brief explanation of Search Engine Optimization and how it can affect your ability to get more…
Christopher Lara