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Each and every city in the world has lawyers and law firms ready to represent their clientele in the court of law. The area of practice is nearly limitless, but what we have discovered is a shortage of quality law firm websites that not only look good, but also perform well on all platforms and devices.

The Top Ten Best Law Firm Websites

What makes these law firm websites the best? We listed some of the most-important features that we believe that attorney websites should have in order to beat their competition.

Here are the Best Law Firm Websites:

The Fitzpatrick Firm

2 votes

Morris Law Firm

0 votes

The Blanch Law Firm

1 vote
Top Ten Law Firm Websites | Top Ten Law Firm Websites | Thee Digital

Aaron Resnick, PA

0 votes
Top Ten Law Firm Websites | Top Ten Law Firm Websites | Thee Digital

Schweizer & Associates

0 votes

Handler, Henning & Rosenberg

0 votes

The Doyle Law Group

0 votes

Randal Lowry and Associates

0 votes
Top Ten Law Firm Websites | Top Ten Law Firm Websites | Thee Digital

Van Camp Meacham & Newman

0 votes

Irons & Irons

0 votes

Capital Criminal Defense

0 votes
Top Law Firm Websites | Thee Digital

Malman Law

0 votes

Boyd Law

0 votes
Top Ten Law Firm Websites | Thee Digital

The qualities that I believe make for an effective law firm website design are the following; 

Visually Appealing

Even if a website has quality content, it’s not likely enough. If a law firm’s website is not designed well, potential clients are not going to read it. The visual appeal of a site is the number one thing that determines if we dig deeper into its content, and ultimately choose one firm over another to help solve their legal problem. Learn more about law firm web design trends here.

Easy to Navigate

Law in itself can be complex and confusing to most. This is why we hire good lawyers, to help us understand these complexities. However, when it comes to good website design, much thought needs to go into how to organize a site’s content to make it easy for users to find the content they are looking for, and to include the most-important topics. Just like a good lawyer will organize and communicate your case, a good law firm website should be organized and communicate important information to you.

Quality Content

An easy-to-use website isn’t merely enough. The quality of the content has to engage and connect with the reader. Complex points need to be concise and resonate with the reader as well. 

Responsive Design

In this day and age of technology and internet speeds have increased on everything connected by a cord, cellular or wi-fi, it’s more important than ever for a good quality law firm website to be mobile responsive. You’ve likely heard this phrase before, but really all it means is that the website changes how it looks based on the device or browser in which it’s being viewed. A site that is viewed one way in a desktop browser needs to be displayed entirely different on a tablet or mobile device.

Client Testimonials

People seeking legal advice should not be swayed by what a team of attorneys has formulated in the content of their website. A good law firm website should likely also contain actual clients discussing why they chose this law firm and how they helped him or her through their particular case. People relate to other people when it comes to making decisions, and legal decisions are no different.

Lawyer Showcase

People also relate better to people they know more about. A nicely worded bio on each attorney with some information about their case specialties will go a long way in gaining new clients.

Highlight Practice Areas

Clearly defined pages containing detailed information about the specific type of cases the law firm specializes in are a must for new clients. These pages can contain specifics pertaining to each of these practice areas along with any information that might be helpful for someone trying to choose an attorney.

Third-Party Reviews

Again, with so many options for counsel, prospective clients like to hear unbiased opinions about attorneys from third-party review sources. These add credibility to attorneys and are valuable to clients in determining the legitimacy and reputation when choosing someone to represent them in court.

Local SEO

If all of the above criteria are met and a prospective client does a Google search but the site doesn’t appear, it’s sort of like the old adage “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” A website can be the greatest site ever built, but if the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t done or it’s not done properly, then nobody will be able to find that site when searching. Find out more about SEO for law firms, lawyers, and attorneys.

Easy-to-Use Content Management System (CMS)

Just like the plethora of lawyers and law firms, there are many platforms for which websites can be built. A good website needs to be updated regularly, and unless you have a team of people dedicated to maintaining your site, then it’s important to have a site that can be easily updated, and easy to add regular content to as well. Personally, I can tell a cookie-cutter website a mile away; They’re usually the ones that you see on television that claim they can have a website up and running in the blink of an eye.

I firmly believe that the WordPress platform is the best platform for these types of websites. Most people don’t have to ever touch the complex code portions of a site, but that is the beauty of a WordPress site. Its complexities are there, but for people that don’t understand them, they don’t need to worry about them in order to manage a great website. WordPress is made for everyone. It’s super easy to create and edit content on the WordPress platform, and once a site is built, it won’t take long before most anyone can maintain their own site content.

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