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Learn how to keep your website running smoothly so you don’t miss out on a client with support tutorials and information from our Raleigh support team at TheeDigital.

How to Update Your WordPress Plugins Safely
Support 8 min read

How to Update Your WordPress Plugins Safely

Running a WordPress site? Then getting your head around plugin updates is key. Think of these updates…
Richard Horvath

Support 9 min read

How do I add a new WordPress user? A Step by Step Guide

Howdy WordPress users! It's really quite simple to add a new user in WordPress and this article…
Christopher Lara

reduce spam emails
Support 3 min read

How To Reduce Spam Emails

What's more annoying than opening your inbox and finding half your email is spam?
Keri Rosemond

WooCommerce 3 min read

How to Manage WooCommerce Product Categories

Streamline your WooCommerce website with product categories. Improve user experience and start making more sales!
Garrett Johnson

WooCommerce 4 min read

How To Add Shipping Classes In WooCommerce

Shipping classes in WooCommerce can help streamline your business operations and save on shipping costs. Learn how…
Garrett Johnson

How To Setup a Vacation Message
Support 2 min read

How To Set Up a Vacation Message in DirectAdmin

Learn how to set up a vacation or out of the office message for your email address.…
Keri Rosemond