Top Law Firm Web Design Trends for 2019

You know law. We know web design. At TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC, we help many legal professionals increase their visibility, expand their reach and build their law firm’s client list by understanding the latest trends in web design for lawyers. Check out what's trending in 2019, and if you are a law firm and are in need of a custom website design, we are here to help!

At TheeDigital, we help many legal professionals increase their visibility, expand their reach and ultimately build their law firm’s clientele by understanding the latest law firm web design trends.

Lawyer Website Design in Raleigh

In today’s big world of internet marketing, if your law firm doesn’t have a website, then it is losing out on valuable traffic of potential clients. In prior years, law firm websites were in the category of plain, template-based, and simply put, boring! However, over the past few years, many legal professionals have stepped out of their box and upped their game in web design. Here are some of the latest trends attorneys have picked up for their designs, and why you should follow suit:

Design BIG.

Elements that make up websites have gotten bigger since more and more people are browsing with high-resolution monitors and high-speed connections. Large images to fit the entire screen, big type that seems to be a graphic in and of itself and larger fonts for copy are notable details of this “trend.” Bigger graphic elements prelude to more use of white space. All of these details give websites more of a clean, open feeling, even if they have a lot of information. This style helps potential clients take it all in, while navigating easily.

Picture and Color Block.

Solid blocking takes a design and emphasizes it with alternating areas of solid colors, pictures, and text. A top influencer in this trend is Microsoft- both with their phone OS and more recently with Windows 8. Just like big images, solid blocking helps give your law firm website a strong visual impact, all while contrast in colors and images encourages the user to explore different areas.

Attention-Grabbing Typography.

With so many fonts available nowadays-from display, to handwritten to good-old sans serif- online typography has prospered. You can choose your unique font to portray the perfect emotional impact and set the right mood to appeal potential clientele.

Parallax Scrolling.

This is a technique which is used to make different items on a page, usually background and foreground elements, move at different speeds. There are many ways to implement this technique, and overall it can be used to help simplify navigation by keeping the most important details accessible to site visitors.


Used as a visual way to convey information, processes or statistics, law firms can create these using available information about a relevant case law or by doing informal surveys of clients and prospects to highlight interesting finds. Infographics are an effective and compelling way to share information with the added benefit of being shared across social media outlets with ease.

Responsive Design.

Responsive web design is a powerful tool that responds to the device a site is being viewed on, re-sizing and adjusting a website’s layout to fit the width of the screen. No matter where one is searching for your legal services, your website will show up clearly and will fit the screen on the device your client is on. With all the tablets and smart phones around, going with a responsive website design is one of the smartest decisions your firm can settle on!

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