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North Raleigh Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Juan Ortiz, provides compassionate cosmetic surgery to patients in the Raleigh area.

Founded in 2018, North Raleigh Plastic Surgery had no digital footprint. Dr. Ortiz knew that if his website and practice were going to be successful, he would need ongoing marketing. They found TheeDigital after searching for a local digital marketing company. After meeting with our team where they were presented with a personalized strategy, they believed we were the agency for the job.

Positive Results for Plastic Surgery Client


Since North Raleigh Plastic Surgery was a brand new practice, they needed to establish their digital footprint from scratch. This included working closely with their web development team to ensure their site was ready for launch. 

We also worked closely with Dr. Ortiz and his team in order to better understand his patients and his practice. This helped form both our SEO and PPC strategy and this communication continues to be vital to our partnership.


After four and a half years of starting digital marketing with TheeDigital, North Raleigh Plastic Surgery ranks in the top organic position for all of their procedure keywords, averages 60,000+ visitors to the site each month, while receiving 400-500 leads each month.

Marketing a website from scratch isn’t always easy, but our marketing team’s efforts have resulted in creating a digital presence for Dr. Ortiz and his plastic surgery practice that is informative, comprehensive and mobile friendly.

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PPC & SEO for Plastic Surgeon
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plastic surgeon website development
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Outranking the Competition in Search Results

Over the past few years, North Raleigh Plastic Surgery ranks in the top of page 1 for nearly all procedure keyword phrases. This allows for interested plastic surgery clients to easily obtain information their desired procedures. Additionally, North Raleigh Plastic Surgery ranks #1 on Google for over 75 keywords, surpassing almost all local competitors and even ranking nationally for some of the most searched plastic surgery search phrases. Traffic to the website increased exponentially each year and in 2022, the website had a total of 530,610 visitors.

Mobile and Tablet-Friendly WordPress site

Thee Solution

Our first goal was to get quality content onto the website. Our copywriter got to work creating informative, SEO content around each procedure. This required plenty of subject matter research. Extra care was taken to write content in a way that is sensitive to the reasons people pursue surgery.

We also worked to establish the practice on Google My Business and various social media platforms.

Once the site was launched, we created pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns around Dr. Ortiz’s most popular procedures. These campaigns helped increase his brand awareness and website traffic while our SEO efforts were taking effect.

How We Improved the Performance of Their Website

Watch how TheeDigital partnered with Dr. Ortiz and his team to create an informative and mobile-friendly website that ranks well on Google and reach new customers. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.

Mobile Friendly Custom WordPress site for Plastic Surgeon

Mobile-Friendly Design

With much of their traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s important to choose a company that knows how to create content that can easily be viewed on all mobile devices and that is also thumb-friendly so readers can easily see the site’s content.

It has to offer a truly mobile-friendly experience, ensuring it loads quickly, it’s easy to fill out contact forms, and offers an intuitive layout. Having a truly mobile friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to clients that are in need of legal counsel.

Direct Response WordPress site for Plastic Surgeon

Easy-to-Use Contact Forms

When dealing with the topic of healthcare, it’s imperative for doctors to be able to connect with their clientele. Many times patients prefer to communicate via email for their first contact with the practice. Our team of web designers and developers needed to make it easy for potential customers to view pricing, see before and after photos, read patient testimonials and ask the doctor questions about their particular medical issue.

Improved Google Rankings for Plastic Surgeon

Improved Google Rankings

What’s the point of having a beautiful website if nobody can find it? At TheeDigital we don’t just design and build stunning websites, we also make sure that each site is optimized to load quickly on all devices and most importantly to show up at the top of search engines.

If you search right now for a Raleigh plastic surgeon, you’ll notice North Raleigh Plastic Surgery appears not only in Google’s map listing, but also at the very top of both the PPC and Organic listings.

Any website can show up in the paid listing area of a Google search, but the proof of a well-optimized, fast-loading website, well built, and well-marketed website is in the organic listings area.

I have been working with Thee Digital for over 5 years now. With their help, my business has increased exponentially and my organic Google ranking has moved to the top for the most important search terms for my business. Do not hesitate to use TheeDigital if you want to have a successful online presence for your business.

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North Raleigh Plastic Surgery

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