How Content Marketing Helps Your Law Firm's Website

Content Marketing is key to your law firm's website. Just like the quality of content can often mean the difference between winning or losing a case, or finding the one detail that can help your client out. Find out how savvy content marketing can help you earn more clients from your website.

As a lawyer, you understand how important it is to be able to answer questions adroitly and to the satisfaction of whoever is asking. This quality can often mean the difference between winning or losing a case, or finding the one detail that can help your client out. When TheeDigital tells our attorney clients that one of the most important parts of their website is the content, they often respond with a bit of confusion. Many lawyers have had previous contact with the more dubious operators in our industry who told them that all they needed for SEO was links or some other dark formula that guaranteed the top ranking spot on Google. While this was technically possible (if highly unethical) years ago, this is no longer the way Google works. These days, if you want to reach potential clients online, you have to have well-written and informative content on your legal website.

A Tale of Two Googles

When Google first started gaining popularity, the most important ranking factors were site backlinks and various structural parts of websites. This was a novel way of looking at websites at the time, but became far too easy to game. Now, however, Google has a much more refined algorithm. Since Google is in the business of delivering the answers to clients’ questions, they take a much larger view of ranking these days. This means that your legal website content is more important than ever. Not only does good content drive a higher website conversion rate, but it is now also a key part of your website’s ranking! For lawyers, this is a win-win situation. We understand that many of your legal services require detailed explanations, and we know that these descriptions also make for good SEO. That is why whenever you talk to TheeDigital, we will always emphasize content creation as an integral part of any good site’s search engine optimization. Just as your business is representing your clients in the courts, our business is representing you on the internet, and ignoring content creation and optimization these days would be as imbecilic as ignoring evidence in court. The good news for Lawyer Websites is that most attorneys have a lot of potential content just waiting to be written.

Easily Written Legal Website Pages:

  • Service Areas
  • Awards
  • Staff members
  • Legal Blog Posts

These are just some of the possible areas where you could create good, SEO and user-friendly legal website content. TheeDigital has many experienced copywriters on staff, and we are experienced in creating content for legal websites that is both informative for your readers and optimized for Google’s algorithms. The best part is that good content never goes out of style, so you don’t have to worry about the sort of Black Hat tactics that may have damaged your site in the past. TheeDigital prides itself on providing only White Hat SEO for Lawyer Websites.

Choose TheeDigital for your Law Firm Website SEO

Much like practicing law, search engine optimized legal content must be constantly updated to take into account the newest developments in the legal code, or in our case Google’s algorithm. What used to be considered ironclad evidence of a site’s quality (masses of low-quality, spammy links) has been largely disproven and replaced with the new gold standard: good, well-written, SEO-friendly legal content. The best part about this new evidence is that it will never go out of style because it helps both Google and your website provide answers to your clients. In the end, SEO for Law Firms is about finding the areas where the interests of the search engines and the interests of the lawyers meet, and TheeDigital understands that that intersection is content.

Need help updating your law firm’s website content to attract your ideal leads? Contact TheeDigital about having our professional marketers write search engine optimized content for your law firm’s website. Schedule a consultation or call today  919-341-8901.

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