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Custom WordPress Features for Retail Hot Tub Business
Epic Hot Tubs

Ecommerce Website and Marketing for a Retail Hot Tub Company

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Epic Hot Tubs is a hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer in the North Carolina area. Epic Hot Tubs has a Hot Tub and a Swim Spa Store in Raleigh, NC in addition to it’s Hot Tub & Swim Spa Showroom in Durham.

The people at Epic Hot Tubs approached our team to create an easy-to-use and shop Ecommerce website where clients can view, customize and order hot tubs, swim spas and saunas for customers in North Carolina.

Custom WordPress Features for Retail Hot Tub Business


Epic Hot Tubs needed an Ecommerce website for items that aren’t typically sold online, and they needed the ability for customers to view, customize and order these recreational items.

Also, selling high dollar items online requires the confidence from the consumer that they can purchase what they want from a reputable company, and they wanted the ability for customers to apply for financing.


Custom Outdoor Spaces came to TheeDigital in need of a modern website with robust Ecommerce capabilities. We delivered, creating a website that could easily not only satisfy potential customers, but also easily manage inventory.

With an online store that is easy to update and a better event registration system, they are expecting to see a dramatic increase in online sales. They have also decided to continue their partnership with TheeDigital for ongoing SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing services.

WordPress Development for a Hot Tub Company in Raleigh
Ecommerce Web Development for a Hot Tub Company in Raleigh
Marketing Services for a Hot Tub Company in Raleigh
Responsive Design for a Hot Tub Company in Raleigh
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Custom Web Design for a Hot Tub Company in Raleigh

What Our Happy Clients Say about TheeDigital

I have been working with Thee Digital for little over a year now. With their help my business more than doubled and my organic Google ranking has moved to the top in some of the most important categories of my business. Do not hesitate to use Thee Digital if you want to have a true online presence for your business.

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Custom WordPress Features for Retail Hot Tub Business

Fully Responsive WooCommerce Website

WooCommerce, a dynamic Ecommerce platform, was vital to the success of Epic Hot Tubs. This platform makes it easy to manage their large product catalog online and ensure ease of use for customers across any device. The staff can now add, remove, or edit products on their own, without the help of a developer. WooCommerce also makes it easy for them to track orders right in the backend of their website.

Mobile Responsiveness for a Retail Hot Tub Business

Improved Mobile Experience

With so much of online traffic coming from mobile devices, it was imperative to provide potential customers with a flawless user experience on all devices. The team at TheeDigital starts with a “mobile first” approach to web design.

The approach means way more than just a web page displaying uniquely on different size browsers and mobile devices. It means that each element on that page is easy to navigate no matter how it’s being displayed. Buttons and links on mobile devices are designed to be clicked by just using ones thumb or finger. Images are displayed properly so they can be seen based on the the device in which they’re being viewed.

Custom WordPress Features for a Retail Hot Tub Business

Easy to View, Customize and Order Products

To solve the issue of having prospective customers needing to easily view, customize and purchase their amazing outdoor products, we made this process super easy, with large product images, dropdown menus for special features, and even the ability to apply for financing. This ease of use, is sure to result in more sales.

Custom Animation for Retail Hot Tub Business

Custom Animation for a Positive User Experience

The customer requested something on the homepage that would make their website stand out from not only other hot tub sellers, but from other websites. Our developers created this really cool simulated wave animation that really ties in with the hot tub product.

The animation was created using Javascript code and takes up very little bandwidth. This technology keeps the page load speeds fast while also adding to the overall suer experience for current and prospective customers. This type of innovative thinking,  keeps viewers on the website longer, and is more likely to increase conversions.

Date & Analytics for a Retail Hot Tub Business

Showcasing Success Stories

The web design team at TheeDigital not only makes websites that are visually appealing but also use data and analytics when designing these sites.

Using heat maps and other data, allows us to know where users eyes go to first on a page, allows us to build websites that provide the best user experience for our clients specific audience. Seeing the data on how these pages and using this information is what makes us different from other web development companies.

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