What is a Bounce Rate?

What is a bounce rate? Our Raleigh internet marketing team explains.

What is this “bounce rate” I see on my website analytics report? It’s a question our internet marketing team hears a lot, so what exactly does it mean?

What is a bounce rate?

Bounce rate occurs when people visit a website and immediately bounce away, leaving the website not clicking onto any other pages during their visit. This happens usually when they click on the link to your website and find that they content that they are looking for is not on your website.

What is an average bounce rate?

The average bounce rate tends to be different per industry though a bounce rate between 40 – 55% tends to be the average on the internet. Once it gets above 55% we tend to suggest that you start to revisit your content.

How can you fix bounce rate?

Before you start fixing your bounce rate, it’s important that you ask yourself what your goals are. Often times a high bounce rate is okay especially if you are sending your customers to a landing page or to a sign-up form.

If you do try to fix your bounce rate it’s important that you put yourself into your customer’s shoes and ask yourself why are they bouncing away. Ask yourself why would you leave your website? If you have anchor text that is not accurately describing your website you might want to fix that or even adjust your content. Maybe your website uses jargon that confuses people and needs to be rewritten.

Remember it’s always important to test, test, and test again to get the best out of your website and make sure that runs as smoothly as possible.

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