Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Here are a few common mistakes that could impact your SEO rankings.

A successful search engine optimization (SEO) plan can be like cooking dinner for a 100 different people at one time. For the most part everyone will have different taste and at any moment, anything can go wrong. This is why it’s important to understand all of the actions and reactions of SEO, so that you can avoid these common mistakes when trying to build and maintain a strong SEO campaign. Let’s look at a couple of it below.

1. Focusing Too Much on On-Site Search Engine Optimization

It is true there are many tactics one can work with to optimize site pages for on-page SEO which may result in a higher rank for each of your site’s web pages. There are meta keywords, descriptions, robots tags, title tags, body text, h1 and h2 text for images, and more. However, just concentrating on these techniques can lead to poor results. Along with on-site SEO it is equally important to build and spread incoming links. Building incoming links is another way to help your organic SEO ranking. By writing informative or entertaining content others will want to link to your website or blog. When people want to link to your website search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others will recognize it and rank you accordingly.

2. Focusing Too Much Over Competitive Keywords

Ok, you have finished your keyword, industry, and competition analysis and found ten or more popular keyword/phrases with the biggest search volumes. It’s only natural to want to focus on those to capture some of the search volume market share. However, from our experience every successful SEO campaign we’ve worked on receives the majority of its organic traffic and sales from unique keyword/phrases. Don’t just rely on a keyword analysis to provide you all of the answers.

3. Ignoring Conversion and Analytics

In my mind, a good SEO won’t just be satisfied with measuring rankings to gauge success – they will regularly refer back to the site’s analytics to see what is actually happening in terms of traffic. Are those positions actually bringing traffic to the site as you predicted? If this is the case; is there any unusually high bounce rates suggesting you might be going after irrelevant or too broad terms? This may all seem obvious, but unless you develop a routine of checking analytics as part of the campaign you can easily miss some pretty important insights that should be feeding back into your SEO efforts. Often, blindness to this data is borne out of not wanting to be proven wrong or face challenging questions about results achieved so far.

4. Obsessing Over Analytics

As with anything, you can take analytics too far though. The sheer volume of data, reports and levels you can drill down into can very easily suck you into spending hours and days analyzing traffic, trends, year on year comparisons, and much more.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many reasons why understanding the full spectrum of search engine optimization is important. If you’re a company looking to grow their knowledge or just want a company to handle their internet marketing and SEO, we are the agency for you.

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