Local SEO / Local Search Marketing

Local SEO helps get your website and business in front of the people that are most likely to use it – the people who live in your city and surrounding communities.

Local SEO vs. National SEO

If you are a local business targeting local customers, then your strategy will be completely different than someone trying to market their website nationally. The location(s) a local company is targeting will effect the overall structure of the website, as well as the content. Targeting locally also requires a completely different link-building strategy compared to nationally targeted link-building.

Onpage SEO for Local Search

When we start on a local SEO project, we make sure that the structure of the website focuses on the Main services the company offers, as well as the locations they are trying to target.

By creating and optimizing geo-targeted service/product pages, we are able to target ideal customers in specific nearby locations. This involves everything from geo-targeted content and meta titles, to schema markup.

Link Building for Local SEO

In order for a local business to show up in Google, they need local links!

Unlike many SEO companies that use spammy tactics to get thousands of bad quality links, we focus our efforts on building quality, niche specific links. For local SEO, we make sure that your business is listed in industry specific directories and review sites, as well as major directories.

We analyze all of your major competitors and work on building you the best links that they have. We also make sure that your business is on major social media websites, and create other local web properties to improve your presence online.

Content Writing for Local SEO

One aspect of Local SEO is an effective content strategy. You can build all the links you want, but if you do not have content about a topic you are trying to rank for, Google will not show your website!

When forming a content strategy, we review the topics, search phrases, and keywords that are bringing your competitors the most traffic. We research the industry in depth, and form a content strategy that targets the most relevant customers who are searching for your business. If you are targeting multiple locations, we form a content strategy based around each location.

Understanding Local Search

If your website isn’t showing up in local search, there are SEO tactics that we can leverage to ensure that your website and brand are targeted to local customers.

Local SEO Raleigh

You may have already noticed that certain websites (maybe your competitors) always seem to get a high listing on local search engine results. This isn’t a coincidence or luck. There is a myriad of components that go into local search supremacy.

Many of these tasks can be done by yourself, but the directions must be followed to a tee, and they often change without much notice. But one thing to note, your website MUST cooperate with the efforts elsewhere on the internet.

At TheeDigital, we mean business when it comes to local SEO, especially in the Raleigh-Durham area. We like to see our clients head and shoulders above their competitors in the local search results, and we have a solid process with proven methods for attaining a strong local online presence.