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Free ADA Compliance Audit for Business Websites

ADA lawsuits are on the rise. Does your website meet the latest accessibility requirements?

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Top Reasons to Request a Comprehensive Accessibility Audit

  1. Want to accommodate all people with disabilities on your website but don’t know how.
  2. You are too busy to keep up with the latest ADA regulations and rules to maintain the ADA compliance of your website.
  3. You want an agency who can take the hassle from you and keep your website compliant.
  4. You want to know the most pressing ADA compliance issues on your website but don’t know how to start.

If any of these above describe your situation, request an ADA compliance audit with our complimentary consultation.

ADA Compliance

Reasons to Work with TheeDigital

From 2013 to 2019 there was a 400% increase in lawsuits pertaining to ADA compliant websites. Avoiding lawsuits will become harder as more cases are upheld by the district courts. In 2018 the DOJ released a memo stating the “public accommodation” clause in Title III of the ADA applied to websites as well as the physical location of businesses. While more clarification was asked for from congress, this was enough to prompt a brand new wave of lawsuits. Each year the number of lawsuits continues to rise without an end in sight.

The American’s with Disabilities Act was originally passed to bring access to goods and services to everyone, regardless of their physical or mental disabilities. To make your business accessible to all potential customers is just smart business sense, plus it’s the right thing to do. The ADA uses WCAG (Website Compliance Accessibility Guidelines) as a benchmark for websites to use when bringing their sites into compliance.

Manual remediation of a website’s accessibility issues can be very time consuming and costly. This method can cost thousand and take months to complete.

We offer an AI technology that once installed on your site will remediate about 90% of accessibility issues within 48 hours. We can then run an audit of your website and remediate the remaining issues. This is a much faster and more cost-effective method to bring your site into compliance with the WCAG.

Having an agency handle this compliance issue for you will save you time and money. Spending your valuable time researching the changes to the ADA requirements and making the necessary changes to your site can be more of a task than you have time for. Let us take on this issue for you and keep you site up to date.

We offer website packages if you are looking for a new site, but we can use this remediation solution on your existing site without the need to rebuild.