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The Doyle Law Group, P.A. practices family and divorce law in Raleigh, serving residents of the Greater Triangle region. The Doyle Law Group provides clients with exemplary service for child support and custody, alimony, divorce and mediation.

The firm’s founding attorney, Glenn Doyle, approached TheeDigital the first time well over 10 years ago to create a mobile responsive website and implement ongoing digital marketing to help the new site rise to the top of the rankings on search engines.

The results have been fruitful for the law group and they’re still consistently increasing traffic and quality leads from their website.

Legal Web Design for Doyle Law Group


When TheeDigital initially began the project, the client had been a partner in another law firm in the area and was starting a new website from scratch. This allowed the production team to create a mobile responsive website, with a modern design without the constraints of a previous website design.

However, starting a new website with a completely new domain, created challenges to achieving positive organic search rankings. Since Raleigh is a highly competitive market for lawyers, improving non-existent rankings for the client’s main keywords would be difficult.


Since the launch of the new site, The Doyle Law Group has enjoyed increasing returns from TheeDigital’s online efforts. The PPC strategy helped the client with immediate lead generation, while organic rankings climbed through continued digital marketing services. Now, the client receives top level organic rankings for highly competitive “Raleigh divorce lawyer” keywords, as well as increasing leads and traffic month-over-month.

The data shows annual improvements, such as increased web traffic by more than 800% since inception in late 2014, with a similar story of over 700% increase in leads. Each month, the website consistently achieves a 13% increase in new users, with organic search claiming 90% of the new user share.

In all, the success of TheeDigital’s production team of developing a great website, along with the strategic digital marketing direction put into place by the marketing team, have been major factors in attributing to the website’s success and continued growth.

Web Design for a Law Firm in Raleigh

Law Firm Mobile Site with SEO and PPC

TheeDigital’s production team designed and developed a mobile responsive website that is visually appealing, while remaining easy to navigate for users.

The digital marketing and SEO team implemented a solid strategy of creating quality content, link building, and pay-per-click (PPC) management. Through optimization, strategic SEO and content improvement, the marketing team developed the foundation for increased organic search results.

In addition to content improvement, and strong link building/clean up, the PPC management through Google Adwords, created instant exposure to potential clients.

Doyle Law Group, P.A.

As mobile searches increase, the need for Doyle Law Group to have a mobile-friendly website was extremely important. A website’s Google ranking partly depends on user experience on both the desktop and mobile versions of a website. TheeTeam created a mobile responsive site that offers visitors and intuitive and seamless experience. It’s crisp, clear and easy to for navigate users to navigate with their thumb.

Buttons for scheduling consultations and calling the firm are readily available. On the homepage, visitors can quickly learn about the main services the firm offers. Fast loading pages and clear and legible text enhance the mobile experience as well.

Doyle’s new mobile responsive site has given them an edge in helping to attract new users and clients.


Building Trust with Client Testimonials

In order to boost conversion, TheeTeam added a revolving client testimonial to the homepage. Showcasing real customer reviews of the law firm allows visitors to easily see the quality of Doyle’s services, increasing trust and validity.

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