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Healthcare Marketing

The Raleigh digital marketing pros at TheeDigital are sharing the same strategies they use in healthcare marketing. Learn effective methods that will increase traffic and conversion to your website and lead to more patients or clients, whether you are a doctor, health care provider, insurance company, or other service in the healthcare industry.

The Best CMS for Dentists
Web Design 5 min read

The Best CMS for Dentists

Dentists websites have a particular set of needs, and we build websites to meet them. Read more…
Richard Horvath

Web Design 4 min read

5 Tips Doctors Should Consider When Redesigning Their Medical Website

The functionality, layout and design of a website is important – and even more so for doctors…
Richard Horvath

Wearable Technology
Digital Marketing 3 min read

3 Ways Wearable Technology May Impact Healthcare Marketing

Wearable technology is the latest buzz in the technology sector. It started with Google glass in 2012…
Richard Horvath

dental web design
Healthcare Marketing 4 min read

5 Common Dental Web Design Mistakes

Building a dental website that gets patients in the door involves aspects of design and marketing working…
Richard Horvath

Web Doctor
Digital Marketing 2 min read

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Healthcare

As a doctors office, hospital, or other healthcare related business, being able to have your information found…
Richard Horvath

Facebook Ads
Digital Marketing 2 min read

How Much Should My Medical Practice/Spa Spend on Facebook Ads?

What you need to know when determining your medical practice's Facebook ad budget.
Richard Horvath