Viral Marketing Spreads Across The Web

Viral video is an innovative new way to reach your target audience.

I got a fever!

By now, the buzz-phrase “Viral Video” has made its way into our everyday conversation, even down to newscasts. But what is Viral Video? What has made it so popular? And is there a way to use our latest fascination with video to our advantage.

There’s no denying the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Even popular childrens’ books prove that fact with entire books, such as The Polar Express, where few or no words are written, only pictures, enough story can be gained by those pictures to even produce quality motion pictures. So if one picture on paper can be so powerful, what about a collection of pictures such as on the reel of a film?

TheeDigital’s video advertisement detailing our green screen technology claims a video is worth millions of words. And it’s true. Now, let’s compound that one video with the ability of a viral campaign to distribute it millions of times over, and you’ve got billions, trillions and whatever is more than trillions (math was never my strong suit).

So, how effective is viral marketing anyway? Are all those videos you’ve heard of on the news really reaching people? Tell you what, let’s try a science experiment. It’s called “Diagnosing a Viral Infection”. So, for this, I want you to say to 10 15-30 year-olds the following phrase, “I’m on a boat!” The symptoms of Viral Infection will immediately begin to show through varied reactions from a chuckle to the inane mutterings of some rap song. I can almost say with complete confidence that at least 8 of those individuals will be positively diagnosed. Chances are; you even know what I’m referring to. This is how powerful a video can be.
But who uses viral campaigns anyway?

  • The Blair Witch Project – who wasn’t drawn to that movie simply because of all the hype surrounding it?
  • Resident Evil – drew you in with that phony ad for skin cream then proceeded to scare you into many a sleepless night. At least, it did me…
  • Jack’s Links Beef Jerky – messin’ with sasquatch has never been so tasty!
  • Halo – yeah, I’ve seen them, too..
  • Office Max – “Elf” yourself then go buy paper and pencils!
  • Saturday Night Live – oh come on, like you didn’t get the boat reference!
  • Valve – oh Portal! I’m so excited to see you again!

So, how do you get this started for your business? Well, there are hundreds of homemade Viral Videos. But do you really want that quality representing you or your company? The more successful campaigns are created with state of the art technology by creative individuals who are ready to convey your vision and humor. TheeDigital is one such group of individuals.

In business since 2004, TheeDigital has a state of the art green screen studio, digital animators and paid voiceover or spokesperson actors and actresses. We can help you produce your video for YouTube or TV, popular transmission routes for the “Infection”. We can also help with web design and logo creation if you want to give your company a face-lift to the future. Contacting us could not be easier.

Calling 919-341-8901 can help you get started with a free consultation. No time to call? No problem, we also have an inquiry form that you can fill out, and one of our video production experts will contact you.

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