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CEI – The Digital Office

Custom Web Design and WordPress Development for a Printing and Business Services Company

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CEI has been serving the Triangle for over 60 years as a premier supplier of digital office solutions such as printing expertise and technology. CEI’s innovative printing solutions and collaborative working environment has resulted in a reputation throughout the Raleigh-Durham area for reliability, rapidity, and excellence. However, their previous website fell short on echoing the innovative, professional, yet fun company that CEI strives to be.

In addition, CEI wanted to show off their mascot, Raster, and incorporate him into their new website. You’ll now see Raster all throughout the site. TheeDigital knew that such an awesome robot needed a sleek and awesome website to match!

Copy CEI | Before Screenshot
Copy CEI | After Screenshot


CEI’s old website was a single-page website that did not do a good job of reflecting their culture, community focus, or services. New users or users unfamiliar with the website layout found it difficult to discover more about CEI’s service offerings, and a non-intuitive site layout exacerbated the problem. The various “tabs” of the one-page layout did not explain what the user was expected to do, and overall CEI felt that their site experience was lacking

In addition, CEI has powerful local branding and a long-standing reputation for being a pillar of the community, but their old website did not reflect this. The outdated layout was not conducive to expressing CEI’s culture or values, as it was not written in the brand’s voice. The single-page site did not serve well to highlight the things that CEI finds important, including their community activities, corporate culture, and Raster.


CEI’s new website is well-branded, easy to navigate, and accurately reflects both their connection to the local community and their various products and services. Right at the top of the site is a hero area for videos of Raster, immediately establishing both CEI’s brand and their attachment to the Triangle. As visitors scroll down, there are large and obvious buttons for on-site interactions such as requesting a quote or scheduling service, and under those there are links to CEI’s services and products. Compared to the single-page layout that their old site had, the new site is much prettier and easier to navigate in addition to being more easily customizable.

In addition to the web design itself, TheeDigital wrote content for the page to maintain the authoritative brand voice while still optimizing for marketing and readability. These pages of content work with the new site design to provide a modern and convenient experience when visiting CEI’s page.

Custom Web Design and WordPress Development for a Printing and Business Services Company
SEO and Marketing for a Printing and Business Services Company
Custom WordPress Development for a Printing and Business Services Company
Custom Web Design for a Printing and Business Services Company
UI & UX Design for a Printing and Business Services Company

CEI Partnered with TheeDigital

Watch how TheeDigital partnered with CEI and their team to create a well-branded and easy-to-navigate website that accurately reflects both their connection to the local community and their various products and services. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.

Responsive Design for a Printing and Business Services Company

Custom WordPress Website

Keeping in mind CEI’s goals to have a usable and visually-stunning website centered around their company culture, TheeDigital got to work writing content and designing a custom, responsive website. Our team built the site using WordPress so that CEI’s team could easily update their site with the goings-on of Raster and their company.

The design of their new website focused on making sure that the site visitors knew what CEI did both in business and in the community. With a focus on Raster and a copywriting focus on maintaining brand tone, the new site much more accurately reflects CEI’s branding and connection with the Triangle. Our designers, developers, and copywriters worked with CEI’s marketing team to have video and imagery of Raster unify the design and demonstrate CEI’s local ties.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for a Printing and Business Services Company

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

With so much traffic coming from mobile devices, a truly responsive website design is crucial today. CEI’s new website has to offer a truly mobile-friendly experience, ensuring it loads quickly, it’s easy to fill out contact forms, and offers an intuitive layout. Having a truly mobile-friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to customers.

Custom Web Design for a Digital Copy Client

Storytelling Through Copywriting

CEI’s old copy was not well-written, well-optimized, and did not accurately reflect their brand’s voice. TheeDigital’s expert copywriters worked with CEI’s internal marketing team to craft content that was engaging and informative to readers, while refining the brand voice and maintaining search engine optimization.

This included writing in-depth summaries of technical services, which involved significant research and cooperation with the marketing and sales staff at CEI.

What Our Happy Clients Say about TheeDigital

Everything looks fantastic, I cannot express how pleased we are with both sites (Strategic Systems and CEI). You all have done a fantastic job!

Picture of Anna Groblewski, Sales, Marketing and Events Coordinator for CEI - a custom web design client of TheeDigital

Anna Groblewski
Sales, Marketing and Events Coordinator
CEI – The Digital Office

TheeDigital Wireframing - Before
TheeDigital Wireframing - Live

Wireframing a Client’s Vision

How many web development companies would proudly display a hand-drawn sketch that was made at an initial client meeting? The “before” sketch was made during a conversation when we first sat down with CEI to discuss their new website design. Even from the very beginning, our team of master WordPress designers were in sync with the CEI team on what they were envisioning.

If you move the slider left and right, you’ll notice the uncanny resemblance to how the actual live website turned out. Pretty cool, right?

Mobile Friendly Web Design for Digital Services Company

Clear Emphasis On CEI’s Mission

We shifted the layout of CEI’s new website to provide a clearer and more precise emphasis on who they are and what they do. The homepage now includes an aesthetically-pleasing overview of CEI’s “bread and butter” services.

The services section of course displays Raster, as you’ll often see him on the website, seemingly guiding the user along their journey to conversion. An icon set was also included, to tie together the 3D elements of Raster with the modern, minimalist elements of the website.

Special Features for a Printing and Business Services Company

Accent on Company Culture

Here at TheeDigital, company culture is near and dear to our hearts. CEI shares our passion for organizational culture, and wanted to highlight this cohesive culture on their website.

Everything from the enthusiastic team bios, to prominently displaying the vast involvement with the Raleigh community was designed to model CEI’s company culture.

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