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The Importance of SEO Hosting for Website Performance

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If you purchased a brand-new 2023 Ferrari, you wouldn’t want it to have the speed of a 1990s Toyota. The same is true for website hosting. When you invest in a top-quality hosting provider, you expect your website to load quickly, function properly, and provide the best possible user experience. Choosing the right hosting provider, such as one that prioritizes SEO hosting, can significantly impact your website’s success. While you may know about website hosting and the crucial role it plays in bettering your website, are you aware that hosting a website goes beyond enhancing your website’s speed? Join our digital marketing professionals as we take a closer look at the benefits of reliable hosting, the impact hosting has on SEO, and what hosting provider we recommend. 

3 Additional Benefits of Reliable Hosting

Investing in reputable website hosting offers 3 benefits beyond its known features that contribute to the overall success of your website. Let’s explore these benefits now. 

Improved Performance 

One of the first noticeable benefits of a good hosting provider is improved site performance. Imagine this scenario. Let’s say that you conducted a search for “best restaurants in Raleigh” and you went down the rabbit hole and found a website that had an old design, loaded slowly, and wasn’t easy to navigate. As a user, you would be discouraged by trying to navigate a website that isn’t user-friendly. Not to mention, an old website inherently loads slower than a new website, so you would be frustrated by the slow speed and end up exiting the site and exploring a competitor’s website. A slow-loading website can lead to poor user experience, high bounce rates, and lower search engine rankings. With reliable hosting, your website will load quickly, providing a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.

Effective Data Management

Effective data management is another advantage of reliable hosting. Quality hosting providers, such as TheeDigital, have the ability to offer robust data management tools, allowing you to efficiently organize and access your website’s data. This ensures smooth operations and easy maintenance of your website.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security is crucial for protecting your website and its visitors. Reputable hosting providers, such as websites hosted by TheeDigital, offer SSL certificates, which encrypt data transmission and provide a secure browsing experience. This not only safeguards your website from potential threats but also boosts user trust and confidence. When you choose to host your website with TheeDigital, we offer complimentary SSL certificates so you can rest easy knowing your data is protected. 

Factors Google Considers When Determine SEO Results

Google prioritizes delivering the best possible results to its users, and website performance plays a significant role in achieving this goal. A strong web host lays the foundation for your SEO efforts. Now, let’s discuss the factors Google considers when determining search rankings.

Website Speed

Website speed is a critical SEO factor. The recommended load time for mobile devices is two seconds or less. However, according to a case study conducted in 2022, the average loading was around 4.5 seconds. So, what does that mean for your website? If your website loads in under 3.2 seconds, it should rank you in the top 20% of mobile sites. If your website loads in 2.5 seconds or less, it ranks in the top 10% of websites. To that end, your goal is to have your website load within 3.2 seconds. And, as we discussed, a fast-loading website is attributed to good hosting. Slow-loading websites not only frustrate users but also receive lower search engine rankings. TheeDigital utilizes tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights and Core Web Vitals to measure and optimize website speed. A few core metrics our team analyzes are as follows:

Core Web Vitals, consisting of Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), provide insights into the user experience. LCP measures the time it takes to render the largest element of visible content, FID measures the time from user interaction to browser response, and CLS measures unexpected layout shifts. TheeDigital regularly checks these metrics to ensure your website meets Google’s standards.


If your website isn’t hosted by a secure server, it’s a risk of becoming hacked which can lead to toxic backlinks and pages that have spam content. If any of these issues arise, your website is at risk of being blacklisted by search engines which will hurt your reputation and search engine rankings. For this reason, TheeDigital offers SSL, as mentioned above, to ensure your internet connection is secure. 


You may have noticed that Google displays search results relevant to your geographical location. If you’ve ever conducted a Google search like “shoe stores” or “shoe stores near me,” Google is using your location to display relevant results. To this end, search engines consider not only your location but the location of the business, and where the business’s website is hosted. If you have unreliable web hosting services, or your hosting provider is located in a foreign country, your business won’t display when a user searches for services that your business offers. 

Choosing the Right Hosting Provider

When you choose TheeDigital as your hosting provider, you are sure to have a secure database that is of utmost quality. With exceptional security, speed, and reliable backups, TheeDigital ensures your website remains secure and accessible at all times. So, if your website unexpectedly crashes, our team will have a copy of your website and be able to restore it. 

By choosing the right hosting provider, you can improve your website’s keyword rankings, speed, and overall standing on search engine results. On the other hand, poor hosting can negatively impact your SEO efforts, leading to downtime, slow loading times, and potential blacklisting by search engines.

Do You Need to Hire an SEO Hosting Provider?

While you don’t need to choose a hosting provider based on their understanding of SEO, you do need to carefully select a hosting provider that is reliable and of high quality. Then, you can either do your own SEO or hire a marketing agency to improve your website’s ranking through the implementation of proper SEO strategies. In short, no, you don’t necessarily need to hire an SEO hosting provider. However, you should ensure that your hosting prospect is reputable and meets the core requirements mentioned above. 

Contact TheeDigital for Reliable Web Hosting Services

Investing in good hosting is a crucial step in optimizing your website’s performance and SEO. Our reliable SEO hosting services offer improved site performance, effective data management, enhanced security, and excellent customer support. With the right hosting, you can ensure your website loads quickly, provides a secure browsing experience, and meets Google’s standards for optimal user experience. At TheeDigital, we prioritize the success of our client’s websites by standing out as a reputable SEO hosting provider. In addition, our team regularly monitors and optimizes website speed and core web vitals. For reliable hosting at a marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of SEO as well as the importance of website performance, contact TheeDigital by calling us at 919-341-8901 or filling out the form below. We look forward to working with you on your web hosting and SEO!

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