Custom Wordpress Features for Education Client
Montessori Community School

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Montessori Community School (MCS) offers a number of stellar academic programs in Durham, NC that promote independent learning and the mastery of skills for children from toddler through adolescent age. 

Ultimately, MCS struggled with their ineffective website before partnering with TheeDigital. Their initial website offered poor functionality, was not mobile friendly, and was not optimized for search engines, among various other issues. All of these hindrances were not ideal for their large number of involved and prospective parents, who prefer to easily view a website on their smartphone. Furthermore, their outdated website did not at all reflect the prestige and quality of their school. 

However, with the help of a newly designed, modern website, and ongoing digital marketing objectives, such as PPC, TheeDigital was able to dramatically enhance the quality and prominence of MCS’s online presence. Now, their website perfectly accommodates both prospective and current students and generates more leads than ever before.

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Thee Digital WordPress Design for Educational Facility


MCS ultimately desired to enhance their website to not only mirror the prestige of their programs, but to make it easier for both prospective and current parents to find the information they needed on the website. For example, they desired for users to easily schedule a tour, apply, or donate to the school with a few clicks of a button. In addition, they desired to optimize their website and implement other digital marketing tactics to continue to increase their business’ search engine visibility.

In order to resolve these issues and achieve their goals, MCS knew that they would need a new, modern, mobile-friendly website with simple navigation, along with the help of other tactics to expand their digital footprint.


Since the launch of their new website and the start of our digital marketing efforts, Montessori Community School has experienced a dramatic increase in leads and conversions. The ease and functionality of their website is exceptionally ideal for parents whose children attend the school, as well as those looking to obtain information about the school. The implementation of the calendar and simple buttons throughout the website especially were monumental tools to allow for the easy accessing of information. Altogether, their new, easy-to-use and optimized website paired with a variety of other approaches, such as SEO and PPC, resulted in exponential growth and improvement for Montessori Community School.

Pay Per Click for Education Institution
Mobile Friendly Web Design for Educational Client
Custom Web Development for Education Client
Custom Wordpress Features for Education Industry

Custom WordPress Website

Using WordPress, our development team was able to create a new, modern, mobile-friendly website that is easy to use and appealing.

The TheeDigital team also incorporated a calendar feature to allow parents to easily view upcoming events to be able to better actively participate in their child’s education.

Being a WordPress website, this allows for easy updates and content additions by any individual at the school.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

In this fast-pace world we live in, it’s more important than ever to have a website that just as engaging on all devices and platforms.

For an education institution the need for quick information was paramount. Our team of developers were able to incorporate an alerts feature to allow for parents to easily be notified of weather alerts, or other important announcements. This feature had to work on all devices to keep parents in the know.

Easy to find CTA buttons for Education Client

Easy-to-Find Donation Form

We wanted to make is really easy for donors to be able to support this school and help them be able to grow and thrive. On their old website, the donation button was difficult to find, so we made the donation button much larger and positioned it at the top of every page so it can’t be missed. This makes it much easier for users to find and has resulted in a higher conversion rate for donations to the school.

What Our Happy Clients Say about TheeDigital

Our experience with TheeDigital has been nothing but professional. There has not been any time that I have asked them to do something that they said they could not accomplish what we wanted them to do.

Dorothy W.

Custom WordPress features for Education Industry

Showcasing Success Stories

For an education industry client it’s important for parents and students to be able to easily find and view a calendar or events to be able to see exactly what’s happening on and off campus.

As you can see in the visual to the left, we created an easy-to-update calendar that can be viewed on all devices. One unique feature of this calendar is that with the click of a button, students, parents and even faculty can subscribe to the school’s calendar and all events can be added to their own personal calendar.

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