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Corporate Accommodations

Custom Web Design and WordPress Development for a temporary Housing Company

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 70.81% Increase in Phone Calls
 26.43% Increase in Organic Traffic
 29.17% Increase in Mobile Traffic


Corporate Accommodations specializes in affordable – temporary apartments and housing solutions in North Carolina that are spacious and comfortable with more privacy and security than you will find in a typical hotel.

They approached TheeDigital to create a custom website that would showcase short-term apartments across the state of North Carolina.


Before the redesign, Corporate Accommodations had an outdated site that wasn’t easy to navigate, and was difficult for users to find what they were seeking in corporate housing options in North Carolina. This client was seeking a better-designed website that would reach their targeted audience. They also needed better-designed property pages that would be it easier for prospective clients to see available housing in various cities.

With so much to offer, in so many cities their website needed more organization and a better way to search amenities available and an easier process in which to convert leads.


Using WordPress, our designers and developers created a dynamic website that is highly optimized to rank well in search engines. The new website has a better-organized sitemap which makes it easier to find the exact property their clients are seeking. Amenities are easy to search by city with stunning photography and each property highlights amenities and showcases videos that make lead conversions easy. In fact, Corporate Accommodations experienced a 65% increase in leads in the first year after we launched their new site.

Responsive Web Development for a temporary Housing Company

Corporate Accommodations needed a website that not only performed well, but also needed a website that was easy to edit and maintain. After all this client was in the business of providing affordable corporate housing and they didn’t want to have to struggle with with they didn’t know; computer programming and all that goes along with website maintenance.

WordPress was the easy choice for this client with over 30 percent of the top 100,000 websites built on this platform, it was the right choice for Corporate Accommodations.

A TheeDigital WordPress site is fully responsive, fast loading, and easy to make edits and add new content, including properties… all by the staff at Corporate Accommodations, without having to have any previous experience with HTML.

Mobile First Design for a temporary Housing Company

These days, so much of a website’s traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices, so having a responsive website is imperative. To the team at TheeDigital, being truly responsive doesn’t just mean that the site’s images and content will adjust to different browser widths, it means that each page displays uniquely depending on the browser type or the device in which the page is being viewed, and with the user experience in mind.

Each form, each link, and every image is painstakingly designed and developed so that they not only convert sales when a customer is using a desktop platform, but all devices that our busy society uses when shopping for products and services.

It’s sometimes not easy to click a link, or fill out a form on a mobile devices, but we develop our websites to be easily navigated just using the swipe of a finger, or the tap of one’s thumb.

Custom Features for a temporary Housing Company

Highlighting Product Videos

One of the core solutions that Buy Manufacturers Direct was seeking with their redesign was to better showcase the many highly informative videos that had available on their site.

TheeDigital placed these videos for all to see, right in the main site navigation, making it much easier to find. Also, the landing page for these videos makes it easy to find video content, and watch them on whichever device they’re currently using.

Having valuable content is imperative for so many reasons, both for SEO and for building new customers, but the added time spent on their site is also sure to have a positive influence on their conversion rates.

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