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The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC

WordPress Development and SEO Marketing for Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm

80% Increase in Total Leads
48% Increase in Users From Website Traffic
167% Increase in Traffic from Mobile Traffic


Nathan Fitzpatrick of The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC. is an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in the areas of Personal Injury. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Nathan’s reputation and skill as an attorney are unrivaled and he is quickly becoming one of Atlanta’s more prominent lawyers.

Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC’s new legal website is now responsive, mobile-friendly, and answering all the questions to better convert new clients. The new web design paired with strategic internet marketing and SEO services, has allowed them to see a boost in web traffic, conversions, and time on site.



The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC had an outdated website in a highly-competitive legal market. This left them needing to redesign of their brand look and the ability to boost conversions via their website. With these concerns and needs The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC turned to TheeDigital for help designing and marketing their law firm website.

Knowing that our team has helped a number of top rated law firms across the United States with creative web development, meant they were already familiar with TheeDigital’s work portfolio and success with other legal websites. This left them feeling confident in their new website from the start of the process!

TheeResults: 48% Increase in Users from Website Traffic

Since the launch of the new site, The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC has enjoyed a successful increase in website traffic, leads, and new clients from TheeDigital’s online efforts. The new website combined with a multiple layer marketing strategy helped the client with immediate lead generation, while organic rankings climbed through continued digital marketing services. Now, the client is working to receive top level organic rankings for highly competitive “Atlanta personal injury lawyer” keywords, as well as increasing leads and traffic month-over-month.

In all, the success of TheeDigital’s production team of developing a responsive website, along with the strategic digital marketing direction put into place by the marketing team, have been major factors in attributing to the website’s success and continued growth.


A Custom-Designed Legal WordPress Website

TheeDigital designed a new, consumer focused website that effectively communicates the top rated legal services The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC offers that has fueled lead generation. The new site was built on WordPress, the most popular content management system. This gives the Fitzpatrick team the ability to maintain and update their site with ease anytime they need to.

Additionally, TheeDigital’s internet marketing services have helped propel this legal team to the top with SEO and various other digital strategies. The statistics prove our marketing services work!

The Design Process

Custom-designed websites start with an outline called a “Wireframe”. The process then moves to a 1st draft design, and from there, the site is developed and fine-tuned into what is launched in the end. Using this design process we can ensure our clients get exactly what they want and need for their business!


Homepage Design 1st Draft:


167% Increase in Traffic from Mobile

In today’s digital age, having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a luxury but a necessity for all businesses, especially those in the legal area. Your future clients are most likely discovering your website on their mobile device. Mobile users have different needs and expectations compared to desktop users. They often have limited time, are on the go, and require quick and easily accessible information. That’s why all our websites are built fully responsive to both desktop and mobile usage.

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Technical SEO for Law Firms

Search engine optimization for law firms is so much more than writing content and throwing around keywords. While those are important, search engines also rank websites on how they perform when a users clicks around the site. You want to ensure your new site is working to answer the questions that potential clients are searching for in the clearest path as possible. By increasing site speed and performance of the new Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC website, we didn’t just improve user experience, it also improved search engine rankings making the website more visible to a wider audience.

Legal Website Contact Form

80% Increase in Total Leads

In addition to a faster load speed and responsive page layout, we wanted to improve the rate of conversions by creating easy-to-find contact forms on each page of this law firm’s new site. The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC potential clients likely have lots of questions specific to their unique case so the need to create a user-friendly WordPress site with a plethora of ways to get answers.

Our design team made sure to add click-to-call and contact buttons on each page. These features resulted in a 290% increase in goal conversion rates. Find out what TheeDigital can do for your business!

Meet the TheeDigital Team Who Helped:

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