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Programmatic SEO

We Automate Search Engine Optimization to Reach a Wider Audience with a Targeted Message

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Programmatic SEO

Got a Large Website? You Need to Scale Your SEO

Whether you have an enterprise website with a wide variety of services or an ecommerce site with hundreds of products, you need every page to reach the target audience. You know that optimizing every page individually for top search engine rankings is a months’ long project while your business is losing traffic to competitors.

Now, with programmatic SEO from TheeDigital, our team can scale your SEO to put every page of your website to work for you, reaching your target audience in days rather than months.

Why Choose Programmatic SEO?

Fast Results

Automated SEO allows us to build hundreds of optimized pages fast.

Increased Traffic

Each optimized page will pull in more organic traffic to your website.

Improved Content

Every page is relevant for your audience’s needs to ensure conversion.

Target Your Market

Reach a variety of demographics and markets with targeted landing pages.

Understanding Programmatic SEO

Understanding Programmatic SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary to ensure your business is easily found by your audience in search engine result pages, but optimizing an enterprise-level website or reaching a broad audience efficiently requires an elevated strategy. That’s where programmatic SEO comes in.

We leverage hundreds or thousands of long-tail keywords by building a large number of landing pages at once. This is necessary for a business that has a state-wide or even national reach to show up in geographic searches, such as “Mortgage Lender in [City]” or in ecommerce where you’re offering thousands of products.

Our experienced marketing team puts in the keyword research to ensure we’re reaching your audience, including demographics and location and creating unique content at scale. Meanwhile our development team gets to work to build and automate page generation and create a smart internal linking strategy and page navigation so each page is properly indexed and easy to find – both by users and by search engines.

Programmatic SEO for Directory Websites

Programmatic SEO for Directory Websites

Business directories or national directories for services are one of the leading users of programmatic SEO. Consider a legal directory that provides a national registry of attorneys divided by practice area as well as in-depth information about legal issues and the law. The same goes for real estate websites, health networks, and colleges – these are sprawling websites with pages numbering in the millions.

Individually drafting and optimizing them is impossible, but automating the process with templates, keywords and modifiers, and relevant content will generate thousands of landing pages for locations, practice areas, professional profiles, and so forth.

Programmatic Optimization of Ecommerce Websites

Programmatic Optimization of Ecommerce Websites

When you have thousands of products in your ecommerce store, you want customers to find them in their online searches but the problem is similar to directory sites and enterprise level websites – having the time to optimize thousands of product pages is impossible.

Again, our team can apply programmatic SEO to your ecommerce site, providing an excellent user experience and unique, relevant content to each page with a rapid turnaround time.

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