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PPC for Blue Dog Blasting

108% Increase in Revenue (Year Over Year)
Over 9x Return on Ad Spend
315.6% Increase in Transactions


Blue Dog Blasting is an e-commerce company that sells sandblasting and abrasive blasting parts. With an easy-to-use online catalog, product guides and videos, and convenient automated systems, they make it simple and efficient to get the abrasive blasting parts and products. 

They were referred to TheeDigital by one of our previous clients for marketing services. They wanted to increase their sales to new customers and increase their visibility among construction companies. 


Prior to beginning our pay-per-click advertising campaign, the overwhelming majority of Blue Dog Blasting’s customers were returning customers and referrals. They struggled to bring in new customers in the digital space. 

Much of their product feed was cluttered with underperforming products, so bestsellers got lost in the shuffle. 

Additionally, their product titles, descriptions, and images were not optimized for visibility on search engine advertising platforms, such as Google Shopping. This made it hard for customers to find what they were looking for online.  

Our goal for them was to streamline and optimize their product listing for improved visibility while running an ad campaign that was solely focused on acquiring new customers while also continuing to keep them coming back.


Because Blue Dog Blasting sells supplies, such as shot and abrasive materials used in blasting, as well as equipment, we knew there was a great opportunity to bring in new customers that would become repeat business. With the right ad strategy, we could bring in new visitors to the website, while creating an excellent online experience that would turn new visitors into loyal customers.
Our PPC marketing team created an aggressive marketing strategy designed for long-term gains, focusing on targeting prospective repeating customers. With this outlook, we knew that any customers gained from the original run of ads would still be paying off the investment years later.

person on Blue Dog Blasting website on a labtop, featuring a product page.
Blue Dog Blasting Case Study
Person browsing Blue Dog Blasting website on a cell phone , featuring a product page with vibrant images and products.
Person browsing Blue Dog Blasting website on a labtop, featuring a product checkout page with image of a product..
Person browsing Blue Dog Blasting website on a laptop, media page with images and menus.

What Our Happy Clients Say about TheeDigital

Since hiring TheeDigital, sales from our WooCommerce website increased by 733%. I work with John Bowman and he has been invaluable in improving our business through our website.”

Shawn Simmonds
Blue Dog Blasting

Person browsing Blue Dog Blasting website on a labtop, featuring a product checkout page with image of a product..

Successful PPC Strategy

Paid search advertising goes beyond writing ads and starts with a solid foundation to build on. We created their foundation with a Google Merchant Product Center feed directly from their catalog for search engine product listings. With that complete, our marketing team did a deep dive into their product listings, updating and optimizing product titles, images, and descriptions to not only maximize their visibility but to appeal to buyers as well. 

In addition to this, we also removed underperforming products from Google’s product feed so it would eliminate any clutter and let the bestselling products their clients were searching for stand out front and center. 

Once the foundation was built, we set up a Google Performance Max Shopping campaign which places Blue Dog Blasting’s products everywhere their customers are searching. This includes search engine listings, shopping entries, Gmail, and remarketing to previous visitors to the site.

Person browsing Blue Dog Blasting website on a cell phone , featuring a product page with vibrant images and products.

Returning Customer Marketing

Getting customers to the website from the ads was only half the project. We needed to conver them into buyers who would then became loyal customers for years. One of the biggest challenge of any ecommerce business is customers who abandon their cart and then never come back. To minimize this problem, we set up automated abandon cart emails to reach out to these customers and bring them back to to finish their purchase. 

Because Blue Dog Blasting sells abrasives, hoses, filters, and other items that need to be replaced. To keep customers coming back while providing excellent online service, we set up timed email campaigns to remind customers who purchased specific items that it may be time to buy them again.

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