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Custom Web Design and Development for The Cook Group Legal


The Cook Group Legal, a woman and minority-owned law firm operates in Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, St. Louis, Buffalo, and is expanding in other cities, with its main office in New York City. Specializing in legal defense attorneys, they have built a reputation in their industry since their launch in 2020 specifically in insurance. Despite their success, they sought to enhance their online presence with a website that showcased these strengths while attracting new leads.

Understanding the need for a modern, efficient, and sophisticated website that accurately represents their firm, The Cook Group Legal partnered with TheeDigital for custom web design and development with SEO services. Their current site, built on WordPress using Divi, did not visually represent their brand. They aimed to optimize their content, highlight certifications and accolades, and improve their attorney bios. Additionally, they wanted to add a new blog section and enhance their “Our People” section for better consistency.

Before web page for cook legal group
After webpage cook group


Before the custom web design and development, The Cook Group Legal faced significant challenges with their old website. The primary issue was the lack of a dedicated career and culture page, making it difficult for potential candidates to learn about job openings and the firm’s work environment. They relied heavily on networking and referrals, but their clients typically didn’t use LinkedIn, and finding client information online was nearly impossible due to privacy preferences. This made it difficult to showcase their success stories and client relationships.

Additionally, the existing website failed to highlight their expertise, simplify site management for their team, and impress upon people their extensive reach across the US.

Design of Custom WordPress Website

TheeDigital custom-designed websites start with a wireframe. A wireframe is a black & white “sketch” of the layout of the homepage that helps identify the priority and hierarchy of required elements. The project manager also develops a Creative Brief, which encompasses the needs and wants from our clients, and helps them pull together a design that is appealing to the client.

Next, we turn the approved Wireframe over to our talented website design team. Once the first draft of the design is completed, we work with our clients to ensure everything is exactly what they wanted. We then move to the development portion.

For The Cook Group Legal, We enhanced the homepage with a U.S. map to showcase the firm’s reach and simplify locating offices. An interactive map was also added to help potential clients find the areas of expertise they are looking for. Next we prominently displayed their certification as a women and minority-owned firm. We included a news section for insights and updates, and created a dedicated career and culture page to showcase the firm’s talent and make job opportunities more accessible to potential candidates.

Homepage Wireframe cook legal group wireframe

Homepage Design Mockup

homepage display

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Cook Group legal custom site

Custom Web Design & Development

TheeDigital custom-designed a new website for The Cook Group Legal that effectively communicates their extensive expertise in legal defense and accurately visually represents them. Key features include a custom interactive map with drop downs to find attorneys, automated urls and page creation to easily add or remove attorneys from the site across all areas. As well as a wealth of automated information and urls for other service locations and practice areas.

The website was built using a responsive WordPress theme, allowing them to easily manage, display, and update their content. The new site is user-friendly and robust, and is a great to sell to other legal types with large offices and attorneys. Adding an attorney, office, or practice area, is now simpler than ever.

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SEO Optimization

To help increase organic traffic and target local traffic, we optimized their existing content as well as built new service and location pages. Not only does this improve search engine rankings to service pages, it allows The Cook Group Legal to stand out as an authority in the industry and provide high quality information to people who need it. 

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