How Much Does Internet Marketing Cost? Let’s Discuss!

How much does internet marketing cost? This is a common and understandable question we hear from businesses.

How much does internet marketing cost? This is a common and understandable question we hear from businesses.

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If you’re looking for a magical number for internet marketing pricing, you came to the wrong place. The cost of internet marketing depends on a number of factors including what are your goals and what platforms you are looking to advertise on.

Many online agencies will be happy to take your money for a couple hundred bucks, but often times their services do little to help your business get the qualified traffic that you really want. In a 2012 poll, internet marketing and SEO agencies across the world were asked how much they charged and the average price was found to be anywhere from $76-$200 per hour.

Now you might think that some of these higher budgets are only reserved for Coke and Pepsi, but it’s important to remember that effective marketing always involves extensive testing and analyzing. For a campaign to be truly successful, it should be well thought and tested over time.

The following questions are questions that we ask all of our clients, to help asses what their internet marketing budget needs to be, in order to be successful.

Internet Marketing Questions for Your Business

What are your goals?

Your goals should clearly elaborate what you need and this will help a marketer form ideas of what services will be needed. Internet marketing comes in a wide spectrum of services from SEO, to PPC management, social media and email campaigns.

What makes your business stand out?

To better optimize your business online, a marketer needs to know your business inside and out, so do you. Knowing what makes your business stand out, or your unique selling position(U.S.P.), will better help you to be successful offline as well as online.

What are you doing offline?

Small business owners know that you have to balance your online marketing with offline and traditional marketing and tactics. If nothing is going on with your traditional marketing efforts, it can double the workload and cost of your internet marketing efforts to gain the same effect.

Who is your competition and what are they doing?

Every internet marketing strategy should come with a through look at the competitors. By analyzing the competitors a seasoned Raleigh internet marketing team can give you an idea of just what will e needed to be truly competitive in your field. A law firm in Raleigh for example, will have a much more competition and marketing efforts neded in order to stay competitive with the other lawyers in town than say an attorney in the middle of Wendell.

What platforms are your customers on?

Different platforms used for marketing incur a wide variety of costs. If your customers are just in search, that’s great, but PPC ads might be needed or if you are looking for animated videos for content generation the cost of those could be different as well. It’s important to know what platforms are available to you and which ones your target audience are using.

Finally…how are you going to measure success?

Marketing success is usually measured by sales earned. You need to let your marketing team know what your sales goals are and keep them updated with this data every step of the way. Interpreting data is a huge part of a marketer’s job and can take hours or days from which to create a plan. The more time and effort put into analyzing the data, the higher the costs incurred, but these are also relative to your higher sales income!

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