Top 4 Web Design Mistakes Law Firms Make

Your law firm’s website is the face of your online marketing. Improve your firm’s appearance on the web by avoiding these top web design mistakes.

Your law firm’s web design is the face of your online marketing campaign. It should instantly appeal to potential clients and inform them of your firm’s specialties.

However, just because a website looks good doesn’t mean that the website is designed properly.

Poorly designed law firm websites can also equal lost sales/visitors and can end up costing you more than it did to design and build the initial website.

legal web design mistakes

Improve your law firm’s appearance on the web by avoiding these top web design mistakes!

  1. Not Understanding Your Target Audience: One of the biggest mistakes a law firm can make is to not understand who their target audience is. It may seem ideal to target everyone, however trying to please everyone ends up not pleasing anyone. Try using the 80/20 rule, which means focusing on 80% of your target audience.
  2. Not Performing Market Research: Just because you know who you your target audience is, doesn’t mean you understand how to get them to use your legal services. Because your website is your potential clients’ first interaction with your law firm, it’s critical that your website appeal to them. Don’t design your website to your firms liking. Design the website to your target audiences’ liking.
  3. Not Updating Content: Content is the easiest way to tell potential clients about your experience and services. But if your content is out of date or uses fancy legal terms, then you might risk losing that visitors business. Continually updating content and using layman’s legal terms will show clients that you are still open for business and are current in the legal field.
  4. Not Having a Clear Call to Action: What’s the point of knowing your target audience, designing your website to attract their business and continually updating your content if you don’t tell your visitors what to do? Your website should tell your visitors how to schedule a legal consultation, or how to get in touch with you to further discuss their case.
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