6 Hidden HubSpot Features

What does your CRM say about y-o-u? If your customer relationship management software can’t handle your workload, it’s time to upgrade to a platform that empowers your operation with marketing automation, custom reporting tools, and task management. One of our favorite customer and business management tools is HubSpot. Let’s unpack the most useful yet not-so-common HubSpot features.

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What Is HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-inclusive marketing software that enables users to build seamless digital workflows and automated systems that convert browsers into buyers. Set up a chatbot on your website with an automated chat flow that helps field users’ questions. Start a newsletter for your business and manage it through the HubSpot platform. Build landing pages that allow you to track clicks, conversions, and interactions! Even set up custom reporting dashboards and filter customer information to learn about their business, lead status, and last activity.

There are multiple tiers of the HubSpot platform and each grant access to different HubSpot features. The free HubSpot plan is incredibly capable for startups and small businesses that just need a basic level of customer and task management. But as you invest more into your business with HubSpot, you unlock more robust features. No matter what plan you choose, HubSpot is one of the most widely used CRM tools in the world – and with good reason.

If you’re curious about setting up a HubSpot account, contact our HubSpot-certified digital marketing agency. Our HubSpot experts can help you choose the perfect CRM plan for your business based on your budget and needs.

How Does HubSpot Help Build Businesses

HubSpot software works in tandem with your existing digital ecosystem. This includes your website, social media platforms, and paid ads.

So, if you’ve already got your digital landscaped planted, pruned, and propagated, why would you add another tool to the mix? Customer relationship management software like HubSpot is not just another digital blossom that needs to be groomed – it’s a tool that helps you cultivate relationships, leverage your existing toolkit, and harvest growth.

Bottom line: HubSpot helps you grow, communicate, and operate in a more efficient manner. Let’s look at some of the most useful HubSpot features that can help build your brand.

HubSpot Ads Tracking

With HubSpot’s Ads tool, you can track and gather granular information about your contacts and their interactions with your ads. Sync your existing campaigns from Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other platforms to the HubSpot Ads feature to see which of your existing contacts interact with your ads, and create specific audiences based on your contacts and website visitors. This can help you build more effective retargeting campaigns based on user behavior.

What’s more: the HubSpot Ads tool is available on all packages – including the free CRM.

Conversations Inbox

No surprise here: your CRM includes a rather capable way of communicating with your team and your contacts. But what is surprising is the amount of interaction detail that you can track – just from your inbox. The conversations inbox is a HubSpot feature that acts as one central hub where you can view of all the possible customer communication channels.

Review live calls with clients, chats, form submissions, emails, and Facebook messenger interactions – all in one inbox. Having all of your communications in one place is particularly useful for your sales team and makes for a more fluid experience for your customers.

This HubSpot feature is also available on all packages – including the free CRM!


Have you ever used a chat feature on a website that was just… entirely unhelpful, bordering on satire? We all have. But, believe it or not, someone had to set up that interaction.

A chatflow is an automated conversation based on preset rules. You build out a chatflow to help customers get answers to their questions – and hopefully help them convert. With a well-built chatflow, you can even make sure that after a certain point or if there are specific questions that are asked, you can trigger your automated flow to funnel the engaged customer to a person on your team to take over.

There are two different types of HubSpot chatflows:

  1. Live Chat: a prompt that allows website visitors to immediately chat with live person on your team.
  2. Chat Bot: a chat bot is a series of templated responses that are sent to your visitors when they ask a question.

While there are some additional features available on HubSpot Service Professional and HubSpot Sales Professional, both chat bots and live chat are available on all HubSpot plans.

HubSpot Workflows

“Set it and forget it.” Every marketer’s favorite motto. HubSpot workflows enable users to build powerful campaigns and schedule them to run on autopilot. Workflows can automate tasks like email sends, list building or property filling – all you need to do is make the rules.

Use HubSpot workflows to accomplish something once like sending an email, or schedule a drip campaign on an ongoing basis based on customer interactions. Some of the most common uses of workflows are:

  • Newsletters
  • Email nurture campaigns
  • List building & segmentation 
  • Routing leads to sales 
  • Sending internal notifications & reminders

Workflows can also be set up to integrate with other tools such as Slack, Zoom, or LinkedIn. Weaving your tools together will help you stay on top of every customer touchpoint – and help you learn how to approach your audience.

List Segmentation

List segmentation is one of these ultra-powerful HubSpot features that you should not ignore. Segments allow you to group your contacts together based on criteria that you set up. You may want to group these contacts based on different types of behavior, timeline, revenue, etc. You can gather your contacts to such an extent that you can trigger the grouping after a certain number of page views, email opens, form fills, or website visits. 

In sales, timing is everything. If you set up a segment that shows all of your contacts who have filled out a form, read your emails, and revisited your website more than 3 times, you’re dealing with an intrigued – but not convinced customer. Now is the time to follow up with the contacts in that segment. Setting up static and active lists in HubSpot can help boost sales exponentially.

Reporting Dashboards

Before making any marketing moves, reviewing data is key. That’s why one of our favorite HubSpot features is the custom reporting dashboards. Choose between a templated report, build your own custom report, or use the attribution reports for easy analyzation. Set up a marketing dashboard to report on site performance metrics, or a sales dashboard to track how your sales team has been performing!

Final Word: HubSpot Features

Your CRM should help your business run like a well-oiled machine. If you find that you’re wasting time chasing down information on different platforms, sinking time into tasks that could be automated, or creating negative experiences with your customers by losing interaction data, it’s time to look into HubSpot.

Do you have questions about these or any other HubSpot features? Contact our SEO agency. Our SEO service experts are HubSpot certified, meaning we can help you choose, set up, and use the best HubSpot package for your business.

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