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Why You Should Use HubSpot As Your Marketing Automation and CRM Tool

Richard Horvath
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Most businesses use some kind of marketing automation. In fact, a 2019 study showed that a whopping 75% of marketers said they use at least one form of marketing automation software. Three-quarters of marketers can’t be wrong, so if you’re still not on board with marketing automation tools, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Many marketing departments opt for automating various repetitive tasks like ad campaigns, email marketing, and social media posting. Automating these recurring tasks saves time and lets you get more done. One of the best tools for marketing automation and CRM (customer relationship management) is HubSpot.
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Why We Love HubSpot for Marketing Automation

As a marketing automation tool, HubSpot is extremely powerful. From creating email drip campaigns to scheduling your social media posts and building professional landing pages, HubSpot does it all with ease. More reasons we love to automate marketing activities with HubSpot:

Streamlined Content Creation

HubSpot makes creating a content strategy and sticking to it easier than ever. Format and schedule blog posts and social media posts from your HubSpot dashboard. You can even get SEO suggestions so your content is always search engine-friendly.

Convert Visitors to Customers

Increased traffic is great, but you ultimately want that traffic to lead to more customers. One way HubSpot helps you convert visitors into customers is professional landing pages. It’s easy to build a landing page on HubSpot (no developer needed!) You can attach a form with one click, run A/B tests on different versions, and personalize the buyer’s journey for each of your customer personas.

Keep in Touch With Customers and Prospects

You can also set up email drip campaigns (marketing emails sent out on a set schedule) to nurture your leads and keep subscribers engaged. Studies show that drip campaigns get opened 80% more and generate 3X more clicks than one-off marketing emails. If you’re looking to overhaul your email marketing campaigns, HubSpot makes it easy! HubSpot also lets you keep in touch with customers with their live chat function.  Their chatbot builder lets you create a professional chat bot, no coding or web development experience necessary. Set up chatflows to “talk” with visitors when you’re unavailable or talk with customer in real-time when you can.

Track Your Progress

Since your automated marketing campaigns are connected with your CRM, you’re able to easily keep track of your progress and see how your campaigns performed. Use this information to refine your marketing campaigns, emails, and social media posts to make them even better!

Why We Love the HubSpot CRM

Now that you’ve attracted leads using marketing automation, the next step is organizing and tracking them while you work on converting them into paying customers. The HubSpot CRM streamlines this process by putting all the relevant information in one convenient dashboard. With HubSpot, your sales team no longer has to waste time syncing up several tools with full inboxes and confusing spreadsheets. Instead, all the relevant information is accessible from the dashboard, making it easy to access all leads, interactions, and deals. More reasons to make HubSpot your CRM:

You Can Easily Get an Overview of Everything

HubSpot CRM lets you manage your pipeline quickly and easily. From the dashboard, you can get an updated view of your sales funnel, sort out deals that you’ve lost and won, view previous contracts and scheduled appointments, and track your performance against your goals and quotas. This includes having all interactions stored in one neat timeline. Imagine having all of your calls, emails, and meeting notes in one place. No more digging through your inbox or sorting through spreadsheets!

Automatically Log All Your Activities

HubSpot tracks all your interactions with your customers, whether it’s a call, an email, or an exchange on social media. You can even sync different inboxes like Outlook and Gmail so tracking emails is effortless. No more digging through inboxes or trying to remember if you had that discussion with a potential client on Facebook or Twitter.

Real-Time Chatting With Customers

One-on-one, personalized conversations are a great way to foster better relationships with your customers. HubSpot CRM makes this easy with a free live chat tool. You also get a universal inbox for customer service, sales, and marketing teams to manage all their conservations.

Ready to Make HubSpot Part of Your Business?

Our HubSpot experts can help! Get in touch by calling 919-341-8901 or scheduling a consultation.

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