Which WordPress Plugin Would Each GOP Presidential Candidate Be?

What do you get when you cross WordPress web design with the 2016 Presidential election? This blog. (Anything with Trump is going to be gold!)

Each Republican candidate has been known for their unique attributes. As such for web design, each WordPress plugin is different and known for its unique features and capabilities.

We took a look at the top Republican candidates for the 2016 election and paired them with WP plugins that matched their most known traits.

The results are both helpful and awesome:

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the most talked about candidate in the race. He’s direct, to the point, abrasive at times and known for his shocking statements. He speaks his mind and lets you know what the deal is.

If Donald Trump was a WordPress plugin, he would be…

Donald Trump and WordPress

WordFence Security. WordFence Security offers robust security for your WordPress website. Like Trump, it’s enterprise-level and there’s no getting around it!

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson and Trump have both been called “outsiders” of the Republican party. Contrary to his fellow outsider, Carson is calm, soft-spoken (usually), and is mainly known for his intelligence.

If Ben Carson was a WordPress plugin, he would be…

Ben Carson and WordPress

Google Analytics by Yoast. While being a digital marketer may not require as much school as a neurosurgeon, digging through the numbers and analyzing the data in Analytics is equivalent to getting into the minds of your website’s visitors.

Carly Fiorina

The former HP CEO is known for being a woman of business. Though, according to the last GOP debate, “business” hasn’t been the only #BWord she’s been described as. We’ll just stick with “business” for this one!

If Carly Fiorina was a WordPress plugin, she would be…

Carly Fiorina and WordPress

WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin, essential for any business owner looking to turn their website into an online store. Designed with add-ons and extensions to work for it, it’s like the CEO of ecommerce.

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz still has yet to develop his signature traits on the campaign trail. From a previous debate, we know he’s sharp and quick to respond to any shenanigans by moderators or others. He’s also an up-and-coming candidate and someone to watch as 2016 unfolds. Until then, he’s still best known as “the Tea Party Conservative guy.”

If Ted Cruz was a WordPress plugin, he would be…

Ted Cruz and WordPress

Tie: WP Supercache & Easy Coming Soon.

WP Supercache enables caching for your website, with improves site speed. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, everyone wants a site as sharp and quick as Cruz’ comeback to the debate moderators!

Easy Coming Soon is a plugin that allows you to easily build Coming Soon pages. As such, Cruz’s time in the spotlight may very well be “coming soon.”

Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio has been noted for things ranging from being the first Cuban-American House Speaker to being handsome. More consistently, he’s young and charismatic. Just like this next plugin on our list.

If Marco Rubio was a WordPress plugin, he would be…

Marco Rubio and WordPress

Social Media Feather. What’s more young, charismatic, and diverse than social media? Social Media Feather is a light-weight plugin that makes adding sharing and following buttons for all social networks to your website.

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