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14 Best Dental Practice Management Software Programs

Find the best dental office management software for your practice with our list of the 12 best programs on the market.

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When you run a dental practice, you want to choose management software that will make your practice efficient and organized. There are many options out there, so it can be overwhelming as you try to decide which one is best for your practice.

Best Dental Practice Management Software

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of the 13 dental office management software options. All of them meet these criteria:

  • They have 4+ star reviews on Google, Software Advice, and/or Capterra.
  • Their website has to have enough information about the product, pricing, and support to allow users to make an informed decision before reaching out to the company for a demo.
  • The software must be HIPAA compliant because the patient’s privacy is the top priority.

Let’s take a look at which ones are our top choices so you can pick the right one for your practice.

The Best Dental Office Management Software

iDental Soft

10081 votes
idental soft - Dentist Software

iDental Soft is a cloud-based dental practice management software that allows you to take your office completely paperless. It’s compatible with any platform/operating system on any device. You can take advantage of prescription management, native imaging, eClaims, and treatment planning to a patient portal. It’s an all-in-one solution for all of your dental office management needs.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Pricing starts at $250.00. They also advertise a free trial.
  • Training: Unlimited 1:1 training is available anytime.
  • Support: Support is available via phone, email, or support ticket from 9 AM-8 PM EST.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


4327 votes

Comprehensive All-in-One Cloud Dental Software. The platform delivers comprehensive and cohesive, engaging patient experiences through the entire value chain of the care continuum. Our integrated all-in-one modules work together as part of a seamless experience, so you have one synergistic platform to tackle today’s challenging business environment.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: tab32 bases its pricing on the number of locations and doctors in your practice. A pricing quote is available upon request.
  • Training:A personal customer onboarding expert will guide you through migration, training, follow-ups and all other support needs. The trainer will develop customized processes for your practice training depending upon size, location, etc.
  • Support: A dedicated success coach along with free training, enrichment webinars, and live support agents will be available to support.
  • Hosting: Secure cloud-based platform with excellent up-time performance
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


8478 votes
carestack homepage

Move away from the complexities of using multiple software and manage everything you need through one modern cloud dental software. CareStack allows you to manage appointments, treatments, claims, payments, reporting, and more in one place. With your practice management simplified, you gain more time to focus on your staff, patients, and your life.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Monthly subscription model with one-time onboarding fees. Once you complete commitment-free demos with the sales team, you can get more information on pricing.
  • Training: CareStack has expert trainers to guide you through the entire software. Its “CareStack University” is designed to help you pace learning and monitor progress for each team member.
  • Support: There is 24/7 dedicated support on any mode including live chat, emails, or phone calls at zero cost.
  • Hosting: Secure cloud-based platform with excellent up-time performance
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Curve Dental

595 votes

Curve Dental is a web-based, or cloud-based, all-in-one dental practice management solution. It’s a favorite of many practices because it’s web-based, and can be used with any operating system on any computer. From scheduling to billing and imaging, Curve Dental does it all with ease.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Curve Dental bases its pricing on the number of doctors in your practice so price information is not available on their website.
  • Training: Phone and internet training is available. They also have training webinars regularly.
  • Support: Phone support is available 24/7 or you can create a support ticket within the software.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


487 votes
Practice Web - Dental Practice Mgmt Software

Practice-Web has a wide variety of capabilities. There’s appointment scheduling, charting, e-billing, merchant card processing, automated appointment reminders, free text messaging, and more. It’s an all-in-one solution that allows your practice to go completely paperless. But, there is a big drawback. Practice-Web is only compatible with the Microsoft.NET platform (part of Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.) If your practice uses macOS or Linux, you won’t be able to use Practice-Web.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Practice-Web for the first office is $169/month for 12 months then $129/month. There are often special discounts available, so be sure to see what is offered when you sign up.
  • Training: Additional training is available for $75/hour.
  • Support: Practice-Web offers support via phone or email Monday-Friday between the hours of 6:30 AM-5 PM PST.
  • Hosting: On-site
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Dentrix Ascend

476 votes
Dentrix Ascend - Dental Practice Mgmt Software

Dentrix Ascend is another cloud-based dental practice management software that provides administration duties, charting, imaging, as well as group practices. The software makes it easy to schedule and confirm appointments and track insurance plans. You can also run management reports to gather KPIs such as the number of patients seen and procedures performed.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: The cost of Dentrix Ascend depends on the number of locations in your practice. There are one-time fees for enrollment and database conversion and a subscription fee monthly. There is also an ongoing fee if you have more than 10 concurrent users. You can request a quote on their website.
  • Training: Hands-on training is provided inside of the program so you can learn how to use it. While this is designed to save time and money, it may not be ideal for everyone. There are several how-to videos on their website that demonstrate how to complete routine tasks.
  • Support: Your monthly subscription includes support. You can reach out to the Dentrix Ascend team via email or phone.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


423 votes
Denticon-Planet DDS - Dental Software Program

Released in 2003, Denticon was the first cloud-based dental office management software. It is a reliable program suitable for practices of all sizes. It has business and clinical functionalities as well as modules for patient communication, records management, imaging/charting, treatment planning, claims management, and more.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Denticon does not publicize its prices. You must contact their sales team for a quote.
  • Training: Training is included with all new client onboarding.
  • Support: Support is included in your monthly subscription fee. You can call, email, or submit a support ticket from your account dashboard.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


400 votes
Dovetail Dental Software

Although Dovetail can be used on any device, it was designed for tablets. The sleek interface makes it easy to create and manage treatment plans and patient records, take notes and streamline your billing process. Since it’s cloud-based and designed to be used on mobile devices, you can take it anywhere.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Starts at $399 per practice, per month with no limit on the number of users and no hidden fees. A free trial is available.
  • Training: You’ll get a “success coach” that will provide your team with 1:1 training. There are also several training videos on their website that you can watch any time.
  • Support: Your success coach will be your support contact but if they’re not available, you can contact Dovetail support via phone, email, or live chat.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


377 votes
Dentimax - Dental Practice Mgmt Software

Dentimax is a flexible, powerful dental practice management software solution. It can be installed on any Windows device or hosted in the cloud. It’s popular because it is designed to easily integrate with your existing imaging/charting systems. Dentimax provides complete practice management, X-ray sensor integration, and features for internal use such as employee time tracking.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Dentimax offers clients several packages to fit practices of all sizes. Setup fees begin at $199 and software packages start at $49.
  • Training: Training is included with each package. Additional in-office or online training can be purchased at any time.
  • Support: In addition to the extensive training that is available, Dentimax support is available via phone or email and in their support portal. You can also purchase monthly support for an additional fee.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Ace Dental

254 votes
Ace Dental - Dental Practice Mgmt Software

ACE Dental is a favorite because it’s easy to use and comes with many features. You can use take advantage of features such as patient and family ledgers, the ability to pre-block appointments, and a prescription writer. There is also a digital signature option, appointment email reminders, an employee time clock, and many more features. It’s a powerful program that can work for practices of all sizes.

  • Free Demo: Yes, it’s available for download from their website.
  • Price: Pricing depends on which tier of service you choose and how many computers the software will be installed on. The basic package for installation on one computer is a flat fee of $499. Prices increase to $3,999 for unlimited users on the highest tier of service.
  • Training: Training is included at the highest tier. Training at the lower tier is $75 per hour. They do have an extensive library of training videos on their website that may be enough to bypass additional training.
  • Support: Support is available via phone or email from 9 AM-6 PM EST.
  • Hosting: On-site
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


202 votes
maxident dental software

Maxident is another web-based dental practice management system compatible with all operating systems. It allows you to run your practice from reception to the exam room, check-in to check-out. With features like electronic records, automated tasks, employee reminders, treatment planning, and the “never lose a patient” system, it’s sure to help you take your practice to the next level.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Maxident pricing starts at $199.95 per feature, per month. It’s best to contact the company to determine your exact price. A free trial is available.
  • Training: On-site training is available as well as online training courses and an extensive library of how-to videos.
  • Support: Support is available via phone and email.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


172 votes
Open Dental - Dental Practice Mgmt Software

OpenDental offers users a variety of essential features like tooth charts, online patient forms, electronic prescriptions, and eServices to make patient communication more efficient. It is also interoperable with over 100 other dental software programs like Acteon, Dolphin, and PaySimple, making it easy to integrate into your practice. The software is hosted, not cloud-based, so it will need to be installed on each device you plan to use it on.

  • Free Demo: Yes, it can be downloaded from their website.
  • Price: $169 per month, per location (must sign a 6-month contract). The price drops to $119 per month after 12 months.
  • Training: They provide free training via prerecorded and live webinars. Customized training is $50 per hour and may be requested at any time.
  • Support: Contact them via phone or live chat seven days a week (support hours vary by day) or consult their full product manual, available on the website.
  • Hosting: On-site
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes

MOGO Cloud

151 votes
mogo cloud software for dentists

MOGO Cloud is cloud-based dental practice management software hosted by Microsoft. They offer all-in-one practice management without add-ons or extra fees for special capabilities. Features like a full imaging suite, customized or automatic eReminders, customizable forms, and eSignature make managing your practice easier than ever.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Pricing starts at $250 per feature, per month. MOGO offers a free trial.
  • Training: Customized online training is available for an hourly fee. There is also a library of free training videos available on their website.
  • Support: Contact support via phone or email Monday-Friday from 8AM-5:30PM CST.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


151 votes
Dentisoft - Dentist Software

Dentisoft is a simple, easy-to-use web-based dental office management solution. While its features aren’t as robust as other practice management programs, it focuses on providing users with the most essential clinical and administrative features like patient information, messaging, and appointment requests. It easily integrates with other programs and apps like Dexis, Evasoft, and Tigerview so you can use it with your current software.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: You can get started with the “Cloud Starter” option for free or choose the “Cloud Pro” package for $249 per month ($50 per month for new practices).
  • Training: There is no training information on the website, but they have an extensive help section and live chat capabilities to get you going.
  • Support: You can contact support via phone or email. There is also a live chat option.
  • Hosting: Cloud-based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Choosing the Best Dental Office Management Software is Just the First Step to Improving Your Practice

Your next step is contacting TheeDigital for your dental practice’s digital marketing. We’re an experienced digital agency, well-versed in what it takes to market dental offices. Contact our digital marketing experts today by calling 919-341-8901 or get your free site audit here!.

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