Why Can’t I Find My Business On Google Maps?

Getting recognized on Google Maps will improve your chances of showing up in the infamous "3-pack" and drive more traffic to your website and increase phone calls to your business.

Being found on Google is key to people locating your business. If people search for your type of business and you don’t show up in Google’s infamous “3-Pack”, your chances of getting picked from the crowd aren’t that great. The Google Local 3-Pack displays three Google My Business listings from all of the listings in Google Maps. So, if your business isn’t listed in Google Maps, it isn’t going to show up in the Google Local 3-Pack. They all work hand-in-hand which is why you want to be included in Google Maps.

If you can’t find your listing in Google Maps, here are ten reasons why your listing may be M.I.A.

Why Can’t I Find My Business On Google Maps

10 Reasons Why Your Business Listing Isn’t Showing on Google Maps

1. Your Business Has a New Address

If you recently changed business locations, be sure to log into your Google My Business account and change your address. This is one of the easiest things you can do to assure your listing gets its place on Google Maps. If you’re updating your address, Google will want to verify by email, snail mail, or phone. If you choose snail mail, you’ll get a postcard with a verification code. Once you enter it, your business address will be updated. The other two options work in the same way and are quicker. So, you may want to choose one of those if you want your listing updated faster.

2. Your Business Listing Is Suspended

If you have a suspended Google My Business listing due to quality issues, your listing will not appear on Google Maps. This can happen for a number of reasons. If you’ve updated your address and are waiting on verification or if Google is questioning the location of your business and wants photo proof, your listing may be suspended. You may also have problems if Google notices you are keyword stuffing your Google My Business title. As soon as you notice your listing is suspended, contact Google support for assistance in getting your Google My Business listing up and running. One day off the grid is one too many.

3. Your Listing is Missing Category Tabs

Google uses category tags to help your business get more attention on Google Maps. These are labels that can help indicate what type of business you have. You can choose a primary category that gives the scope of your business. you can also add specific tags that indicate certain services you offer. Without these tags, your listing may be invisible.

4. You’re in the Wrong Business Category

You may have chosen categories, but they’re the wrong ones. When this happens, you’re not going to show up on Google My Business. While the first business category should best match your business, only choose a second one if it makes sense and matches your business. You don’t want to add a second one just for the sake of having two because this can hurt you in the long run.

5. Poor Website Experience

If you have a poorly developed website, Google may be less likely to display your Google My Business listing in the Map Pack. Google’s algorithm dislikes spammy websites, non-mobile-friendly, and poorly coded websites. It’s also not a fan of websites that take too long to load and websites that have been hacked. If you want to rank in Google Maps, you need to have a properly optimized, mobile-friendly website that loads quickly.

6. You Share an Office Space

If you share office space with another business it could cause some problems for you in Google Maps. Google isn’t a fan of linking one address to multiple businesses. You can fix this by adding a suite number to your address. If you can’t add a suite number for some reason, contact Google and see how they can help you get on the map…literally.

7. Incorrect Business Information

Ensure your business information is exactly what it should be down to the very last detail. Double-check that your business phone and address are correct and along with your hours of operation.

8. You Have Fake or Spammy Reviews

If you have a lot of fake 5-Star Google Reviews, don’t expect Google to display your Google My Business listing in Google Maps. Encourage real customers to leave you authentic Google reviews. One legitimate review from a happy customer is better than 10 from people who leave you fake reviews from outside of your area. Google can spot a fake from a mile away and keep your listing miles away from where it should be.

9. Not Updating Your Business Listing 

Updating your business listing is something that you may forget for one reason or another, but as soon as you notice your listing isn’t on Google Maps, you’ll remember to do it quickly! The cool thing about Google My Business is that you can enter a description of your business in the story section, upload a logo, add unlimited business images, and publish status updates. If you don’t make your Google My Business page with everything it has to offer a priority, it shows Google it’s not an updated profile. Google hates to display anything that is not ever updated.  You’ll want to be sure your Google My Business listing is completed and that you commit to uploading new content regularly. Plus, it shows your potential customers that you’re taking an active role in keeping your listing and business current.

10. Know Your Distance

If the physical address of your business falls out of the area that Google considers the local market, your company won’t appear in Google Maps when people search in that area. The more distance between your business and the geographic location the person is using, the less likely you will appear in Google Maps.

Your Google My Business Listing is Free – Take Full Advantage

Keep in mind that your Google My Business listing is totally free. It only takes a couple of minutes to update your listing and to gather a couple of reviews from happy customers. Once that’s done, your listing is more likely to appear in Google Local Map Pack. Remember, always pursue additional 5-star reviews, frequently update your listing with new images and status updates, and give your user a good experience.

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