The Best CMS for SEO

Getting noticed online is important, but so is managing your website content quickly and easily. The team at TheeDigital has put together a list of reason on why they choose to build their search engine friendly websites in WordPress.

When deciding to create a web presence for your business or company, there are quite a few things to consider, such as the look/design of your website, functionality and optimization features, so you can be found on the web. Of course, a online web presence means nothing if your potential customers can’t find you, so here are a few reasons about why we choose to use WordPress as the basis of our websites.

The Best CMS from an SEO Prespective

Google Likes WordPress

Overall, WordPress sites rank very well in Google search results. Although there isn’t exactly a true straightforward answer for why this is true, we can only guess that Google favors the platform more than other content management systems. This could be because WordPress is not much use to spammers, earning Google’s trust factor for WordPress.

Configurable Web Page URL Structure

The permalinks option that is built into WordPress allows the developer to configure the web page url structure, allowing urls to become search engine friendly. For example, blog titles and related keywords can be included in the URL which will make the page more relevant in searches for that topic.

Loading Speed

WordPress has excellent performance and is a very fast system, loading nearly 3 times faster than Joomla sites. WordPress is currently the most compact system, responding quickly and efficiently even when loading media and images. Google considers a webpage loading speed in the advertisement Quality Score, so if you are using AdWords, this is particularly important.

Content Creation Speed

Not only do pages load quickly in WordPress, but creating new pages can be done in seconds. Unlike static pages, which involve hard-coding information in order to update, WordPress can be updated in a moment, and creating new pages is as easy as using any text editor. Because if the ease, convenience and intuitive interface, websites can grow to a large size very quickly, grabbing the attention of Google and other sites.

SEO Plugins

WordPress allows 3rd party plug-ins to work with their already exceptional interface, and one in particular, All-In-One SEO Pack, has become a necessary addition to every WordPress site. This plug in allows the simple and effective editing of Meta data, including title tags, meta descriptions and keywords.


For Google to log page in its index, the pages must be crawable by the spiders that are following links. Luckily, WordPress’s link structure is simple and shared universally, making WordPress a simple page for spiders to crawl and quickly index and rank in Google.

Pings, Comments and Trackbacks

These interactive features that are built into WordPress invite users to interact with pages, leaving comments and starting discussion on sites. The inbound links, traffic, and visitors will help increase your raking in search results.

If you are looking to build a web presence for your business, we encourage you to consider the benefits of using WordPress. Our designers and WordPress programmers specialize in creating custom branded sites that are fully optimized for search engines. Check out our portfolio for some of our work and call 919-341-8901 for a free consultation or fill out our inquiry form and one of our web design specialists will be in contact with you soon.