How Do You Know if Your Website Is Due for a Redesign?

Your website needs a redesign if it is out dated, is not compatible with all of the most common browsers and if it is not SEO-friendly. Read on for more information.

Given its vast popularity and ever increasing usage, the Internet has replaced the functionality of our yellow pages, our television, our telephones, our encyclopedias and many more tools. Many people think that once they have designed and built a website that there is nothing more that needs to be done. But websites need regular and continuous maintenance and redesign, which can include, but is not limited to: updated technology, code changes, upgraded content, the overall look-and-feel, new graphics and user friendly UI (user interface). At a minimum, all website pages should load and display content properly.

Today’s website can be used for many purposes, such as commerce, sharing information, connection, branding, etc. But to ensure a positive user interaction all websites must display information clearly and in an interesting way. In this age of immediate gratification, it’s essential that your website be up to date, not only in its look and feel, but also in its functionality.

Keeping a modern look and feel is important. If your website is out of date, you are sending a negative message to your visitors and you may even drive long-time customers away. A website that was designed many years ago and has not been updated is like an empty, dusty, old house – no one will want to visit or to stay long if they happen to knock on your door. And because it is an entirely web-based experience, you want to make sure that your UI is clear, functional and easy to use. By having a website where information is clearly displayed and all pages easy to navigate, you improve the overall customer experience.

Outdated information is a clear indicator that your website needs a redesign. Displaying content or images that’s outdated can affect your credibility. Additionally, internet browsers such as Safari, Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, are constantly updating. By not taking the time to redesign your website to support these changes, your pages may experience a noticeable delay in loading or not display properly. If a user attempts to enter your site and is refused or it takes too long, then he is likely not to return. Don’t lose potential and current customers simply because you have not taken the time to update your site.

Your website’s visibility and traffic is an important part of web-based marketing, but what happens when someone arrives on your website?

Does your content encourage visitors to take a specific action that supports your marketing and sales goals? Do you want your visitors to try, buy, learn more, submit or share? Is your offer clearly visible and placed above the fold, with a call to action? Take the opportunity to ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter, to request more information, or to register. By including calls to action clearly on the page, you further engage the visitor and can create repeat customers. Consistent redesign will also let repeat visitors know that you take an interest in your site, that you are probably personally involved and where one ‘call to action’ may not get the hoped for response, a new and fresh approach may appeal to someone who has not before this time been amenable to your product or service.

Is your website entirely flash based? If so, all the content on your site and its valuable keywords cannot be read by search engines (like Google) and it will most likely not appear in search results for relevant search terms. This means that unless someone specifically types in your url, or your exact name or brand, that your website will be invisible to any potential visitors. If this is the case, then a redesign of your website is absolutely necessary. If you can’t drive traffic, you will not be successful.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Be SEO-friendly. If you want to update your site’s content or add new pages to your website, be SEO-conscious. Add new pages with SEO considerations in mind to improve your site’s ranking for specific keywords and phrases. There are many resources for you to become aware of what search terms are being used most often and research on your part will make sure that you are doing everything necessary to not only redesign your website in a user-friendly fashion, but to drive traffic to your site in order to be successful.

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