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Video marketing is just as important for your search engine optimization (SEO) and brand awareness as the written content on your website. Honestly, it might even be more important. Current trends show that video consumption has never been higher and the value it provides to your business cannot be overstated. That’s why we’re sharing reasons to add videos to your website, plus useful tips for creating content that engagingly speaks to your audience.

Why Add Video to Your Website?

Video is the way consumers are absorbing content on the internet and your business should be primed to take advantage of the opportunity that video provides. Statistics show that viewers will stay engaged longer with video than with reading and are more likely to convert to leads after viewing a video. This is because video allows your company to communicate to your customer base in a simple but effective way.

Statistics on Internet Video Consumption

  • Internet video consumption has grown on average by 32% annually between 2013 and 2018. Consumption is expected to grow continually within the next few years.
  • Currently, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users across the world
  • 85% of internet users within the U.S. consume content through online video
  • In 2021, the average person watch online videos for 100 minutes every day, an increase from 84 minutes in 2020
  • Internet videos will comprise more than 82% of total consumer internet traffic by 2022

The Power of Video Content

Making Information Fun and Easy with Videos

When it comes to online communication, there’s something really special about videos. They have this knack for getting information across in a way that’s both fun and easy to grasp. Think about it: when you watch a video, you’re not just reading words or staring at a picture. You’re getting a full-on show with sights and sounds that work together to give you a complete picture. It’s like having someone take a complex idea, break it down, and explain it to you with a mix of cool visuals and sound.

Take how-to videos, for example. Ever noticed how much easier it is to learn something when you’re watching someone do it step by step? It’s way more helpful than just reading a list of instructions. Or think about those videos that take a really tough topic and make it super clear with graphics and animations. It’s like they turn something confusing into something you can easily wrap your head around.

Videos: Tugging at Your Heartstrings and Telling Great Stories

But videos aren’t just about making things easy to understand. They’re also amazing at making you feel things and telling stories. There’s something about watching a video that can make you laugh, cry, or get super inspired. It’s all about how the images, music, and the story come together to hit you right in the feels.

And when it comes to telling stories, videos are like magic. They let brands and people who make content create these little worlds that you can get lost in. They can introduce you to interesting characters, take you on cool adventures, and share messages in a way that really sticks with you. It’s not just about watching something; it’s about feeling connected to it and remembering it long after it’s over.

Making Real Connections with Videos on Your Website

In a world where we’re all glued to screens and personal chats are rare, videos on your website are like a breath of fresh air. They’re your chance to really show who you are beyond just selling stuff. It’s like inviting visitors into your world, where they get to know what you stand for, what you’re all about, and the real people who make up your brand.

Imagine popping a video on your homepage where your team says hello, or maybe a sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes, or even your CEO sharing a heartfelt message. It’s like putting a friendly face to the name, making your brand feel more like a friend and less like a big, faceless company. It’s about making someone who just clicked on your site feel like they’ve walked into a welcoming place, where they’re not just another visitor but a guest you’re excited to see.

And it’s not just about what you show; it’s about showing you get them. Tailoring your videos to what your visitors are into, what they need, or what makes them smile, is like saying, “Hey, we see you, and we’re here for you.” From how-tos and customer stories to just fun, quirky clips, videos are your secret weapon to keep people coming back for more.

Building Trust with Videos: It’s Like a Virtual Handshake

Trust is super important, right? It’s the glue in any good relationship, and your brand’s no different. Video content is a fantastic way to build and strengthen this trust. Imagine a video that shows off what you’re great at, the quality stuff you do, and happy customers singing your praises. It’s like a trust booster shot.

Educational videos or how-tos are like showing off your brainy side, proving you know your stuff and you’re not just here to sell, but to help and inform. And when you share videos of real customers talking about their experiences, it’s like giving future customers a reassuring nod. It’s real people telling real stories, and that’s gold for building trust.

But it’s not just about one-off videos. It’s about keeping that video conversation going. Regular, on-brand video content creates this cool familiarity. It’s like when you keep bumping into someone and start feeling like you know them. That’s what regular video content does – it turns casual clickers into fans who feel like they know you, trust you, and want to stick with you for the long haul.

Keeping Visitors Hooked with Awesome Video Content

Now, let’s talk about keeping people hanging around on your website. In today’s world, where our attention spans are shorter than ever (thanks, internet!), videos are like a secret weapon. They’re so engaging that people just want to keep watching, and before they know it, they’ve spent way more time on your site than they planned.

Having great video content is like having a magnet on your site. It pulls people in and keeps them there. This is super important, not just for keeping your audience happy but also for making search engines think, “Hey, this site’s got some good stuff!” And when search engines love you, more people find you. It’s a win-win.

Plus, think about the journey you can take your visitors on with videos. A welcoming video on your homepage can be like a friendly handshake, inviting people in. Tutorial videos can be like personal guides, helping people understand how to use what you’re offering. It’s all about creating an experience that’s not just informative but also enjoyable and memorable. That’s the kind of stuff that makes people stick around and come back for more.

Boosting Your Website’s Ranking with Videos

Adding videos to your website is like giving it a supercharge in the world of SEO. It’s a game-changer. Search engines, especially Google, love websites that offer valuable and engaging stuff to their visitors, and videos are right up there on their list of favorites.

Here’s the deal: when you create awesome videos, other websites are more likely to link to your content. These backlinks are like gold in the SEO world. They tell search engines, “Hey, this site is legit and worth checking out!” Plus, you can sprinkle some SEO magic on your videos by adding the right keywords, catchy titles, and descriptions. This makes it easier for people to find your videos when they’re searching online.

And guess what? Search engines are now showing more and more videos right in the search results. So, if you’ve got great video content on your site, there’s a higher chance it’ll pop up when someone’s searching, bringing more eyes to your website.

Videos: The Magnet for Web Traffic and Keeping Viewers Hooked

But it’s not just about climbing the SEO ladder. Videos are like magnets for web traffic. They pull people in and keep them glued to your site. When someone lands on your website and finds a video that catches their eye, they’re likely to stick around longer. This tells search engines that your site is dishing out something good, which could lead to a better ranking.

And let’s not forget the power of viral videos. If you hit the jackpot with a video that goes viral, you’re looking at a ton of traffic coming your way in no time. It’s like opening the floodgates to potential new fans, customers, and opportunities. Plus, when people share your videos, it’s like getting a free ticket to a wider audience, boosting your website’s visibility and possibly leading to more conversions.

In short, by weaving in some great video content into your website, you’re not just making it more appealing; you’re setting the stage for better search engine rankings, more web traffic, and a captivated audience. It’s a win-win-win!

Can I Use YouTube Videos on My Website?


Since YouTube is owned by Google, and even by itself is the second most-used search engine on the internet, it is highly recommended to use this platform for your videos.

There are several plugins that can be added to the backend dashboard of your WordPress website to incorporate playlists from your YouTube channel. The actual YouTube plugin is a great one because it allows a high degree of functionality and control.

What Types of Videos Should I Make?

Take advantage of all forms of video media for your business. Each type of video should have a specific message in mind. There are a few options that all companies can benefit from using as promotional material.

Introduction to the Business

Think of this as your opportunity to tell your customers who you are, what your business is about, and WHY they should work with you versus your competition. Consider this as a mini TV advertisement, but for the internet. Often a video like this is best presented on the website’s homepage.

Here the Coca-Cola company takes you on an adventure just to tell you who they are!

Product and Services

Commercials and advertisements are an everyday part of life, but advertising space for TV and billboards is costly. Online videos on your website and YouTube channel don’t have to be restricted to a specific time slot, length, or style.

For example, the video below is much longer than a commercial, but provides more details on the product which an industry savvy consumer would understand and be interested in.

YouTube Video Thumbnail

Customer Testimonials

A customer’s personal experience with your company speaks volumes. Consumers are more likely to trust their peer’s experience over a sales pitch any day, and a good testimonial video that shows your client is going to elicit a more favorable response than a picture with a caption stating, “We loved our experience with Company XYZ.” People can be pretty skeptical and a video can help overcome the skepticism.

The video below offers a perspective from the owner of Triangle Imports, a Raleigh import auto repair shop that is a client of TheeDigital. In it, the owner speaks about successes his business has seen and the level of working relationship he enjoys from the marketing agency. The video is clean and crisp, yet personable and genuine. It’s obvious to viewers that the owner’s sentiments are legitimate, something that is highly meaningful in a world saturated with staged reviews and paid actors. Testimonial videos offer a great way to showcase how your business can help your potential clients.


Who wants to read a long instruction manual when YouTube is full of tutorial videos? Answers to a lot of questions for “how to …” are readily available online. Instead of giving a random amateur YouTuber more hits on their channel, optimize your company’s web videos to answer questions relevant to your business. You may be surprised at how well your videos are received and it can give your company the opening to attract new clients.

Examples of Instructional Video:

This video explaining how to finish drywall is a good example of an instructional video that understands the need to keep the viewer’s attention. First, the video is broken down into multiple parts so that the viewer does not have to watch a full 20 minute tutorial AND the viewer can select the video that corresponds with their needs.

What Should I Avoid When Creating Video for My Website?

There are definitely things that should be avoided when it comes to making a video for your website. Remember the goal is to create engaging content that causes the RIGHT emotional response to your viewers. Here are some tips to avoid creating a video that derails your marketing strategy:

Keep your message short and simple: Make sure you can hit all the hot points in your video during the time allotted. Don’t overextend your screen time as it can negatively affect viewership. If your topic is broader than the time you have, break the message down into multiple videos. KEEP YOUR VIEWERS’ ATTENTION!

Don’t bore your audience! Keep your video exciting. This will help engagement and allow you to effectively get your message across. People will zone out or leave a boring video that doesn’t grab their attention.

Shoot with a Script: This will help keep your video and message on track. Even if you are an expert on your topic, having a script will keep you focused. This will provide confidence to the person in the video or doing the voice over and will help them on during filming to eliminate awkward pauses and gestures.

Don’t Over Promote Your Business, BUT Make Sure You Have a Call-to-Action Included – Without a call to action in your video, you will lose some of the effectiveness of your message and marketing effort. Ask your viewer to complete the cycle by presenting a call-to-action that grabs them emotionally and causes them to act! But be careful – don’t over promote your business or you could turn off potential customers by selling to them too much. Keep the information clean and simple.

Getting Technical: Smart Ways to Add Videos to Your Website

Let’s talk about some savvy ways to make videos work wonders on your website. It’s not just about slapping a video on a page; it’s about doing it smartly so it looks great, loads fast, and plays nice with search engines.

  1. Picking the Perfect Home for Your Videos: You’ve got options when it comes to where your videos live. You can either host them on your own site or use popular platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Hosting them externally can be a bandwidth saver and usually means smoother playback for your visitors. But if you host them yourself, you’ve got more control over the SEO aspects.
  2. Making Sure Your Videos Play Nice on Any Device: Responsive design is key. Your videos should look good on any screen, big or small. This is super important for folks browsing on their phones or tablets.
  3. Speed Matters: Keeping Those Loading Times Snappy: Nobody likes a slow website, and big video files can be a drag on loading times. Keep those files as light as possible and think about using a content delivery network (CDN) to speed things up. This helps both your users’ experience and your SEO.
  4. Accessibility and SEO: Making Your Videos Everyone’s Videos: Use HTML5 to embed your videos – it’s the way to go for making sure everyone, including people with disabilities, can access your content. And don’t forget to sprinkle in some SEO magic with catchy titles, descriptions, and even transcripts that use the right keywords.
  5. First Impressions Count: Pick a Thumbnail That Pops: Your video’s thumbnail is like a mini-advertisement for what’s inside. Choose one that’s eye-catching and gives a good idea of what the video is all about.

Tailoring Your Videos for Different Online Hangouts

Different online platforms have their own vibe and rules for videos. Here’s how to make sure your videos fit in wherever you post them:

  1. Know the Playground: Each Platform’s Unique Needs: Every platform, from YouTube to Instagram to TikTok, has its own preferences for video size, length, and format. Make sure your video fits the bill for where it’s going.
  2. Match Your Content to the Crowd: Adapt your video style to suit the platform and its audience. LinkedIn loves professional and informative stuff, while Instagram and TikTok are all about fun and creativity.
  3. SEO for Video Platforms: Get Found in the Crowd: When you’re uploading to platforms like YouTube, use keywords smartly in your titles, descriptions, and tags. This helps your videos show up in searches both on the platform and in search engines.
  4. Spread the Word: Share Your Videos Far and Wide: Don’t just stick to one place. Share your video across different platforms, embed it in blog posts, and even include it in your newsletters. The more places it pops up, the better.
  5. Keep an Eye on the Numbers: What’s Working and What’s Not: Use analytics tools to see how your videos are doing across different platforms. Look at views, engagement, and watch time to figure out what hits the mark with your audience and tweak your strategy as needed.

By keeping these technical tips in mind, you’re setting up your videos to not only look great and be accessible to everyone but also to perform like a star across the web. Happy filming!

Get Help Adding Videos to Your Website

Now that you understand the benefit of adding videos to your website, it is important to take advantage of professional support to help your website grow. If you are in need of video marketing support, TheeDigital can provide that solution.

Contact the internet marketing professionals at TheeDigital at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation to find out how your business can benefit from strategic video marketing.

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