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What has long been suspected has now been confirmed: Google will demote rankings of non-mobile-friendly websites. Google said the demotion will only impact mobile search results. This will directly affect websites that are either not mobile friendly, or are misconfigured for mobile devices. The good news? If your website is built with responsive design and properly optimized for SEO – you’re already ahead of the game!
Mobile Friendly SEO

Most Common Mobile Website Configuration Mistakes

Some of the most common mobile website configuration mistakes that businesses make include the following: 1. Page Speed Speed is incredibly important for the mobile web experience! People use smartphones to browse the web because they, more often than not, need a quick answer or solution to something. Like: “Where is the nearest bakery?” or “How do I fix a flat tire?” Websites that cannot load within milliseconds, waste the users time (and phone data)! 2. Unplayable Videos How many times have you experienced this yourself first-hand? You click on a website’s video expecting it to play but instead get an error message, or worse, a frozen screen? Google wants to help avoid this issues for users. Many video files types are simply not playable on smartphone devices either because of software or device capabilities, or even because of licensing constraints. Flash videos for example, do not play on Apple iPhones. 3. Faulty Redirects & Improper 404s Faulty redirects include things such as pointing individual pages on your website to your mobile friendly home page as opposed to a mobile friendly version of that specific page. Improper 404s refer to websites that serve content to desktop users accessing a URL but show an error page to smartphone users.
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