Blog Post Roundup: Our Best Articles of 2014

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It’s been a great year for content marketing! We’ve covered a wide variety of topics – from Google updates to social media tips to web design inspiration – sharing our expertise and knowledge to help you grow your business. We’ve put together this blog roundup as a way to review 2014 and a way to see what are still the most important topics to web design and internet marketing.
We ran the numbers, and thanks to our loyal readers, we had an another super year with visits to our blog. Here are the top 10 blogs written this year as well as the top 10 blogs of all-time:

Top Blogs Written in 2014

  1. SEO Audit: Why Design Doesn’t Bring You Traffic
  2. Parallax Scrolling in Modern Web Design
  3. 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party & Halloween Open House
  4. TheeTeam Takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  5. TheeDigital’s Marvel-ous 10 Year Anniversary
  6. Pets at Work: A Twitter Marketing Case Study
  7. Best Places to Watch July 4th Fireworks in the Triangle
  8. Trick-or-Treating Tips in Raleigh
  9. Help! Why is an Ugly Website Ranking Higher Than My Newly Redesigned Website
  10. Being a Superhero in Your Business Blog Series

Top Blogs Written All Time

  1. What is a Vector Logo?
  2. Evolution and Rumors About the Apple Logo
  3. Creative & Effective Contact Pages
  4. The Difference Between Hexadecimal and Pantone Colors
  5. Setting Up Magento with USPS
  6. The Most Common WordPress Functions
  7. Setting Up Users and User Roles in Magento
  8. SEO Audit: Why Design Doesn’t Bring You Traffic
  9. Parallax Scrolling in Modern Web Design
  10. 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party & Halloween Open House
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