5 Effective & Creative Contact Pages

Your contact page is just as important as the homepage of your website. Check out these effective and creative contact page designs for inspiration on your site.

What makes an effective contact page? How can I be creative when making a contact page and form? Why should I care about creativity for something so simple?

Your contact page is a crucial way of connecting you to future and existing customers. When it comes to your contact page, the design, form, and UX may need as much thought as your site’s homepage.

That might sound crazy considering how much information is on the homepage, but let me explain:

The message you send on this page needs to be clear and easy to use.

A well-designed contact page should include:

  • Contact form
  • Phone number (and fax number)
  • A Google Map embed with your location
  • Online chat, especially for ecommerce stores and SaaS websites
5 Creative and Effective Contact Pages

Here are 5 of our favorite effective and creative contact pages:

1. Yummygum.com

yummygum Contact Page example


Yummygum.com takes a creative approach to their contact page. They avoid the typical ‘fill out our contact form’ jargon and instead showcase their personality with ‘let’s talk’ and ‘we’re here’. They also give you different options for requesting a meeting:

Creative Contact Page

You can select the coffee option to grab a cup of joe and a casual conversation about a project or idea.

Fun but Serious contact form

Or if you select the project option, you can send Yummyuum more info on a new project.

Important notes to take away:

1. Showcase your personality – Yummygum’s personality and light-hearted nature comes through in their contact form. By using ‘let’s talk’ instead of ‘fill out our form’, you already feel at ease communicating with them.

2. Guide users down the path – Yummygum narrows down why someone would need to contact them using a funny list of choices. This tactic can be used on any website, including a dental practice website, legal practice site, or local retail store.

When creating your choices, think of WHY someone is contacting you. Give them the options first with a simple multiple choice list so they are less likely to feel overwhelmed filling out fields while still giving you and your team the information you need.

2. Coca-Cola.com

Coca Cola Contact Page

Coca Cola gets straight to the point on their contact page. It’s 2019 and more and more people would rather “chat” or “text” for an answer than send a traditional email.

Call someone? Not millennials! (I must admit that I am technically a millennial as I fall right at the start of the group. However, I consider myself an 80’s kid so I will still call you and will also enjoy the chat feature.)

Coke Chat page

Important notes to take away:

1. Mobile-friendly experience – Coca Cola considered the mobile experience when creating their contact page. Now, anyone who visits their contact page will see/experience the same thing, just maybe in a different layout or format.

2.Multiple contact methods – The chat feature may not work for you, but including a form, a phone number, an email, or another contact method can increase the chances of someone getting in touch with you. Options are good!

3. Use FAQs – Give the customer a link to your FAQs (you do have a FAQ page, right?). They may find what they’re looking for faster if it has been answered (and if you put it in that FAQ page that I know you have).

4. Creating a user experience – Now, I must admit that I would take Pepsi over Coke (unless it’s Cherry Coke of course), but when we’re talking about creating EFFECTIVE contact pages, Coke wins over Pepsi.

Hands down. Debate is over!

Pepsi introduced all their brands on their contact page resulting in an overwhelming experience. Even after you selected the product you want to discuss, they immediately force you to “search” for your answer by TYPING a question!

Coca Cola, you have a great user experience +2 points to you!

3. erminandoaliaj.com

Less is more. You’ve heard the phrase before so now we’ll see what that looks like on your contact page!

Erminando Aliaj Less is More
Erminando Aliaj Animation

Important notes to take away:

1. Simple, clean forms – Simple and clean forms VERY clearly lets the user know where they are on the form and what to do.

2. “Less is more” – Keep your site menu clean. I would not recommend your menu wrap around your content for most companies. This site belongs to a photographer and this is their take on a contact page and that is ok.

4. BrandAffair.ro

BrandAffair Contact Page

This contact page uses a clean, block layout to separate what is most important for their customers. We recommend that you do not make your customers search around for the information, so consider the space on your page and what you feel is important to share.

Do you want them to know where you are located? Do you prefer they call you?

Important notes to take away:

1. Use color – Color can help break up sections on a page and draw attention to what is most important.

2. Layout – A consistent layout of text will creates a natural flow for the eye and guide users directly where you want them to be.

5. HubSpot.com

HubSpot Contact Page Example

HubSpot uses their contact page to guide users to the right department. If you have two departments that handle customer requests, like sales for new customers and support for existing customers, it can be tricky to use one contact page for all.

By directing users to the right department, you’re ensuring a positive experience for users and your staff.

Important notes to take away:

1. Think about the customer journeyMake the customer’s journey easier by guiding them down the right path from the very start.

Before We Go!

1. Always Consider Mobile

Many of your customers could be using the mobile version of your site so make sure that the mobile experience is top notch!

Consider using Modal Forms as they can utilize the screen space when they are needed without taking up prime real estate when they aren’t needed.

DocMattDirect Modal Form

These work well on the desktop version, too!

DocMattDirect Landing Page Modal Form

2. Always Consider the “Thank You” Screen

Keep the user on your site with a simple “Thank You” message that CLEARLY conveys the message was sent successfully can make all the difference. Test your form to make sure the thank you message displays and makes sense.

Thank You Page Animation

Don’t Ignore Your Contact Pages

Something happened (could be good or bad) to your customer in order for them to get to your contact page. It could be that they love what they see and want more information or that they’re upset and coming to you for help.

In most cases, your contact form should only ask for the essential information: Name, Email, Message. Sure you can ask for a phone number, but not everyone is willing to share that information until they trust you and your company.

So, use these examples to build the best, most effective and creative contact pages that match your brand while making it easy and clear for users to contact you! Good luck!

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