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20 Unique Pumpkin Carving Designs to Try This Halloween

Need some pumpkin carving design ideas for Fall? Check out these unique designs... a few are guaranteed to wow your neighbors if you can pull them off.

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The air is crisp, pumpkin spice lattes are back, and your “To Watch” list on Netflix has been taken over by scary movies. That can only mean one thing: it’s October! We’ve rounded up some pumpkin carving inspiration so you can get started planning for Halloween. There’s a little nerdy, a little techie, and a lot of pop culture.

Let’s get into it.

unique pumpkin carving designs

Pop Culture Pumpkin Carving Ideas

1. Slimer from Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? All of your friends to show off this awesome pumpkin, complete with green slime!

ghostbusters pumpkin carving

Image source.

2. Jack Skellington

This is Halloween! And this is one design that’s sure to make you the pumpkin king (or queen).

jack skellington pumpkin carving

Image source.

3. Spiderman

This Spiderman pumpkin is simple, but sure to be the envy of every Marvel fan!

spiderman pumpkin carving

Image source and carving tutorial.

4. The Joker and the Bat Signal

The Joker on one side and the Bat Signal on the other makes for one very cool pumpkin! You could even use a stencil of your favorite Joker.

joker and batman pumpkin carving

Image source.

5. Cruella DeVil

When it comes to Disney villians, Cruella gets overlooked, but we challenge you to find a scarier face in a Disney movie.

cruella devil pumpkin carving

Image source.

6. The Wicked Witch of the West

She’ll get you and your little dog, too! The green light in the pumpkin is a great touch!

wicked witch of the west pumpkin carving

Image source and carving pattern.

7. Tinkerbell

All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust to carve this sweet Tinkerbell pumpkin!

tinkerbell pumpkin carving

Image source and tutorial.

8. Stranger Things

Did you binge the third season as soon as it came out? Then you’ll love these!

Stranger Things pumpkin carving

Image source and tutorials.

9. Lumos!

There is no shortage of Harry Potter-inspired pumpkin carvings out there, but we love the simplicity of this one. (For muggles, “lumos” is the spell wizards use to cast light.)

lumos harry potter pumpkin carving

Image source.

10. Hamilton

Don’t throw away your shot! Carve the 10-dollar founding father on a pumpkin and get ready for compliments.

hamilton pumpkin carving

Image source and more Hamilton pumpkin carving patterns.

11. Dwight Schrute

Have the assistant to the regional manager keep an eye on your house this year.

dwight schrute pumpkin carving

Image source and instructions for turning any photo into a pumpkin carving pattern.

Techie & Nerdy Pumpkin Carving Designs

Some of these require a little electrical know-how but the results are worth it!

12. Laser Pumpkins

The carvings on these pumpkins are simple, but the lasers take it to the next level!

laser pumpkin carving

Image source and tutorial.

13. Working Tetris Pumpkin

Everyone’s favorite geometric video game can be played in a pumpkin! Yep, this doesn’t just light up, you can actually play it!

tetris pumpkin carving

Image source and tutorial.

14. Emoticon Pumpkin

Take a trip down memory lane to a time before emojis, when we had to convey emotion via text with nothing but punctuation.

emoticon pumpkin carving

Image source.

15. QR Code Pumpkin

This one is tedious but if your carving skills are good enough, the code will actually work! We’d say that’s worth it!

qr code pumpkin carving

Image source.

Skip the Apple logo and go for the Finder face for a truly unique tech-inspired pumpkin!

mac finder pumpkin carving

Image source and tutorial.

17. Outer Space

For a pumpkin that’s out of this world, just add shooting stars, planets, and a rocket or two.

space pumpkin carving

Image source.

18. Galaxy Pumpkins

This one is great because there is no carving involved, just paint! This is easy to do and Instagram-ready.

galaxy pumpkin

Image source and tutorial.

19. Pumpkin Pi

We love a good pun! Go the extra mile by carving as many numbers of pi as you can around the pumpkin.

pumpkin pi carving

Image source and tutorial.

20. Spooky Victorian Pumpkins

Any history nerd will love these Victorian portraits turned spooky! These take a lot of skill but the end result is extremely impressive.

Spooky Victorian Pumpkins

Image source and tutorial.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and have a great fall season!

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