WordPress Powers Almost 60 Million Websites

WordPress powered websites have almost reached 60 million.

For those of us around when WordPress began back in 2003, who ever would have thought they’d grow with such meteoric speed.

Between WordPress.com (the free blogging platform) and WordPress.org (the open source content management system platform) WordPress powered websites almost eclipsed 60 million sites. Stunning! To put it in perspective this is the equivalent of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and New York populations combined and represents almost 20% of all the websites in the world! I say, “Impressive!”

Interestingly WordPress growth shows no indications of slowing. It’s been documented that as of 2011, there have been over 100,000 new WordPress sites created EVERY DAY! Blogging including business blogs not only continue to be popular but the trends are indicating even greater growth. Individuals, businesses and publishers are creating all kinds of sites going beyond simple blogs to company websites, news sites, sports sites, magazines, social networks and so much more that this page probably couldn’t hold all the possibilities. So how does WordPress compare to other content management systems?

In a word… DOMINATION! Out of the three top CMS site – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal – WordPress captures almost 55% with Joomla and Durpal well off the pace with only 16% combined! WOW! Need we say more?

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

EASE-OF-USE! Quite frankly “it’s so easy a cave man could do it!” and that’s the truth. No coding, just type into an editor that looks like a “word doc” editor.

WordPress themes were designed for content management now known as a CMS website. Because of that emphasis it allows the user to easily upload images, pictures, videos, cut and paste content, graphics and more. These sites can be as complex as any coded custom site but without all the HTML coding. Now when you have an employee quite or you want to add a new article, or you have to change your online calendar or location, you don’t have to call your web programmer or track down the original designer to make it happen. Your admin area is easily accessible for quick changes.

Standard features are available via plugins or custom features can be developed by a WordPress developer. The additional features are too many to cover but here’s a taste; calendars, SEO tools, analytics to track visitors, interactive commenting, headers with rotating images, ecommerce shopping carts, rotating testimonials, social bookmarking, social media inter-connectivity, and much, much more.

Lets clear up some confusion for those of you that think WordPress websites are just blogs. WordPress.org and .com were alluded to in the first paragraph. WordPress.com started out as a free blogging platform. Grandma talked about her knitting, the kids talked about what clothes they bought today. Gradually businesses picked it up as an inexpensive – free actually- way to have a web presence. Unfortunately WordPress.com does not have the functionality need for a full blown business website. For example, you don’t have access to plugins and for another you don’t have as many themes to choose from. But with WordPress.org that all changes.

WordPress.org is a hosted, open source CMS application based on themes, which can be merely customized or fully developed into a totally custom content management system yet still with the ease of personal management mentioned above. WordPress websites are now the rule rather than the exception and setting the standard for today’s CMS websites and are paving the way for website innovation moving forward.

Who Use WordPress?

You might ask, who use WordPress? The answer is simple, everyone from a small mom and pop shop, my neighbor’s family blog and the fortune 500 companies such as UPS, Old Spice, Play Station, Samsung, Nikon and much more.

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