What Is The Best CMS for Construction Companies?

We know a content management system is important for all professions, but what is the best CMS for contractors and builders? We say WordPress. Here's why.

For builders and contractors, it is very important to have a professional web presence that can promote their business online. Because contractors are plenty, potential clients often turn to the web to look up building portfolios, reviews and testimonials, and other information before requesting a quote or hiring a contractor.

The Best CMS For Construction Companies

At TheeDigital, we have experience building custom sites for professionals in the construction industry. Our clients vary from home and commercial builders, service maintenance professionals, and specialized construction companies. From our experience, we have found a few key things that every contractor should include in their website, including an easily updated photo portfolio, an on-site blog to publish articles, a built in estimate request form, easily editable content, and a search engine friendly code structure to ensure that they will show up in search results. We believe the best content management system to provide all of these features is WordPress, so we choose to build our websites around their software.

Here are a few of the great features:

Simple To Use

The WordPress interface is easy to use, both on the front end for the customer, and on the back end for the manager. For potential customers, WordPress is great because it features a clean, efficient design with simple and intuitive navigation. For the site manager, WordPress makes updating the site as simple as editing a text document. The way WordPress packs a fully customizable and advanced web development tool into an easy to use interface is unmatched in the content management world. After logging in, the main dashboard features all of the main segments of the website including easy access to all of the editable pages and blog posts. We provide training with every website we make, teaching our clients how to manage their site on their own, add pictures, video, text and extra functionality to every page. This saves our clients time and money on website maintenance, and allowing them to own their page and update it as needed.

Search Engine Friendly

One of the advantages of WordPress is way it is pre-programmed to be easily recognized by search engines. This is a vital feature since the contractor and construction industry is highly competitive. We are able to specifically optimize your site for your biggest keywords, in order to show up in search results by those looking for your specific services. We do this by adding specialty custom search engine friendly URL’s, meta tags like page title, description and keywords, auto generated human-friendly and XML site maps, and Google Analytics code integration, to track the results. WordPress makes search engine optimization easy, efficient, and effective.

On-Site Blog

In WordPress, every site comes with a built in blog, which is an excellent place for a construction professional to share their knowledge, tips, personality, expertise and more. The blog is easy to update and works wonders for search engine rankings. We highly recommend our clients, especially builders, contractors, and home improvement professionals, take advantage of this capability and position their site as a resource for valuable information, as well as building a reputation as an expert in their field.

Estimate Request Forms

Forms can be integrated directly into pages in WordPress, making submissions by visitors easy and simple. For builders and construction professionals, this functionality is essential to open up lines of communication between potential customers and professionals. Visitors to a site can request an estimate quickly and easily in just a few clicks. This provides business owners with contact information for leads, directly in their email inbox. There are also some smarter plugins that can save submissions into the database for future marketing purposes like email newsletters or postcards. All of these forms and plugins can be completely customized by our team of in house programmers and designers, so it can reflect the image of your business and capture the information you need from potential customers.

3rd Party Plugins

Plugins are third party applications created for WordPress that extend the capabilities of the system. Plugins offer WordPress integration with many different online applications including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more. This helps integrate social media marketing into your website, spreading your web presence and reaching a larger audience and pool of potential customers. Currently there are around 13,000 different plugins available for download, expanding the abilities of WordPress nearly as far as anyone can imagine. We can recommend quite a few helpful plugins, or, if there isn’t a plug in that adds the functionality you are looking for, our WordPress programmers can create custom software to meet your needs.

There are many more advantages to WordPress websites for building, construction and home improvement professionals than few listed here. If you are interested in what a custom WordPress site can do for your business then call us at 919-341-8901 or fill out our inquiry form to get started.