Benefits of Pinterest for Contractors and Home Builders

The benefits of using Pinterest are bountiful for you as a home builder. Here are some of the benefits of using Pinterest to market your business.

Far too many businesses and organizations fail to see the reasoning behind using Pinterest as a way to promote content and drive sales. Sheer volume of Pinterest users is one reason to join – over 25% of American adults use Pinterest and the site is only 5 years old!

Incentives of Using Pinterest for Home Builders

Contractors and home builders have even greater incentive than most to use Pinterest. In fact, contractors and home builders not using Pinterest are missing out on huge opportunities.

For starters, home building is a highly visual field, and Pinterest is a social media platform based on images and videos. In addition, home and DIY are the most popular categories used and searched for on Pinterest. In fact, there is a whole “search by category” devoted to home and do-it-yourself.

Benefits of Pinterest for Home Builders

Consumers are consistently using Pinterest as a search tool/engine for advice on what to buy in relation to their home and home projects. For some users, Pinterest is the place they go to search first instead of using major search engines like Google. The demographics of Pinterest are also in your favor as a home contractor – the average household income for a Pinterest user is over $100,000. If your project and work is displayed on this visual platform, you’ll be sure to boost sales.

Benefits of Utilizing Pinterest

While being a home contractor is a profession for some, it is a lifestyle and hobby for others. The benefits of using Pinterest are bountiful for you as a home builder. Here are some of the benefits of using Pinterest to market your business:

  • Drive website traffic
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote products/services
  • Display your portfolio to the masses

How to Use Pinterest for your Business

Below are just a few Pinterest ideas that successful companies like HGTV and DIYNetwork have implemented into their content strategy:

  • Create a portfolio board to show off your work or products
  • Enable rich pins capability so that your company and pins stand out on Pinterest
Benefits of Rich Pins for Home Builders
  • Pin video testimonials
  • Pin lists like, “top 10 trends of 2015” or “5 ways to make your small space look bigger”
Benefits of PInterest for Home Contractors
  • Repin photos of your clients’ new homes

Pinterest has proven to drive success for both home contractors and builders alike. How are you using Pinterest to leverage your business? Share your successful Pinterest strategies with us on Twitter @TheeDesign!

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