What is a Google Spider? and Why is it Crawling Your Law Firm Website?

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Search engine spiders are all over the internet, forming their webs of search result listings including websites related to the legal industry.  It is important to have an understanding of Google’s spider and how it can impact the health and future of your website.

What Are Search Engine “Spiders”

Search engine “spiders” or “crawlers” are algorithms designed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to crawl websites and web pages as a way of indexing the internet.  Search engine spiders are also know as web crawlers, which gives you a better idea of what their function is.  Each search engine has their own algorithm that analyzes every website on the internet to decide what website should show up for a certain search query.  Google is considered to have the most advanced crawling spiders compared to other search engines because of how popular they are.  There are thousands of different web pages that are published each day and Google is responsible for combing through all of the websites to figure out what the content is about. If you decide to create a new website for your law firm, or you are just adding additional content to your website, the Google spiders as well as spiders from other search engines are responsible for analyzing the new content.  Based on the content of the website, Google will decide where and when this new content should show up in Google search queries inputted by users around the world.  There isn’t an exact number for how long it takes Google to crawl the new content on your website, but we know that it can vary depending on the website, the industry, and how much trust you have built up with Google in the past.
Google Spider

How Do Search Engine Spiders Impact My Law Firm’s Website?

Thousands of new internet sites and pages are developed every day, and even more are altered, updated and redesigned. The spider analyzes the pages, code, and links it finds based on a metric of importance for prioritizing a website’s relevance to certain keywords. So for example, each time a spider crawls your law firm website, it looks for keywords related to your legal practice. Words like: personal injury lawyer, divorce attorney, best Raleigh lawyer, etc.  So when you are working on your law firm website and update a page to include new services that you provide to your customers, Google most go through an analyze the content to know that your website provides a new service. The more often a search engine spider crawls and sees these relevant terms on your website, then the likelihood of you ranking for those keyword increase.  Our law firm SEO experts can help your website rank higher for relevant keywords in your city as well as build up more authority with Google.

How Do I Know When a Spider is Crawling My Law Firm Website?

Googlebot constantly crawls new and existing websites in order to update Google’s search results. There is no way to anticipate when a spider will next crawl your website. The crawling schedule is affected daily by the volume of new websites on the internet to index, and by algorithm changes created by Google.  This makes it difficult to predict exactly when your new content will be index by Google’s web crawlers. However, you can see in your Google Analytics reports the date of the last time your website was crawled and how many pages were indexed. If no dates show at all, you likely have a problem with the code on your site. An average number of times you can see your law firm website crawled should be around at least once a month – more often if you engage in internet marketing and SEO tactics that encourage spiders to crawl and index your site more often. It is entirely possible to build up enough trust with Google and their spider crawling algorithm that they decide to crawl your website more frequently compared to other websites.  This is beneficial as it allows you to consistently create new website content and the content will begin ranking in Google sooner compared to other sites.  On the contrary, if you don’t build up enough trust with Google’s web crawling algorithm then you can expect to wait longer for your new or refurbished content to be reindexed by Google.  This not only slows down the entire process of content creation but will inhibit how many new visitors you can get to your website as it will take longer for you to start ranking for new keywords.
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