We’re Super Pumped for WordCamp Raleigh!

We're super pumped to attend WordCamp Raleigh for the 5th consecutive year and to see our resident speaker-extraordinaire Sharon Dawson's session on saving your WordPress website from yourself.

Every year, we attend WordCamp Raleigh. And this year, we couldn’t be more excited to go learn AND hear our own Sharon Dawson’s session on How NOT to Break Your WordPress Website!

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Sharon Dawson’s Session on How NOT to Break Your WordPress Website

If you didn’t know, Sharon is our resident WordPress trainer and speaker-extraordinaire. She regularly speaks at local marketing conferences, including previous WordCamps in Raleigh, Wilmington, and Asheville as well as the Raleigh SEO Meetup Conference.

This year, her WordCamp Raleigh session is on how NOT to break your WordPress website. Why the emphasis on NOT? Because there are a lot of updates you can do to your website that seem easy, but can actually break the site if not done properly.

Her session will cover:

  • Updating your site to the latest version of WordPress;
  • Updating plugins;
  • Adding new plugins;
  • Adding 301 redirects;
  • And more.

Interested in hearing Sharon’s session? You can still buy tickets to WordCamp Raleigh here and see the full session schedule here.

What is WordCamp Raleigh?

WordCamp Raleigh is a local conference all about WordPress, the robust content management platform that powers millions of websites.

WordCamp Raleigh is part of WordCamp, casual, locally-organized conferences that are held all over the world. While each WordCamp is customized to the local community its held in, they generally include sessions on:

  • How to use WordPress more effectively
  • Plugin and theme development
  • Advanced WordPress techniques
  • WordPress security

This is the 10th year of WordCamp Raleigh – and the organizers intend to make it the biggest and best WordCamp yet. Learn more about WordCamp Raleigh here.

WordCamp Raleigh 10th Anniversary

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Not Ready for WordCamp But Want to Learn About WordPress?

Not ready to attend WordCamp Raleigh but want to learn more about WordPress and updating your website? Check out our training events! We offer free WordPress Basics training and free WordPress SEO training every month.

P.S. They’re given by Sharon, who has received lots of praise for the trainings. So if you can’t attend WordCamp Raleigh to see her there, definitely check out the trainings at our office.