Learnings from WordCamp Raleigh 2016

TheeTeam spent the weekend at WordCamp Raleigh 2016 learning about new plugins, Google Analytics and Tag Manager, frameworks, marketing, and engagement strategies. Here's a recap of what we learned.

WordCamp is a series of conferences held throughout the world each year that focuses on everything WordPress. They are community run events focused on educating business owners, marketers, developers, and users about the ins and outs of WordPress.

This year WordCamp Raleigh was held on September 24 & 25, 2016 at the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. TheeTeam spent the weekend learning about new plugins, Google Analytics and Tag Manager, frameworks, marketing, and engagement strategies.

Our Marketing Communications Manager Sharon spoke to the Business users about Repurposing your WordPress Content.

What We Learned From WordCamp Raleigh 2016

Here’s a look at what we learned from WordCamp Raleigh:

“In the WordPress Management & Operations session, Dave Grubb provided some helpful tools and ideas for improving the speed and security of WordPress sites. He recommends the Itheme Security Plugin and Status Cake Plugin.”
Keri Giordano, Support Manager
WordCamp Raleigh Quotes
“This was my first time attending WordCamp and I truly enjoyed it. I learned a lot of new things that I think I can apply to my day-to-day. I also picked up quite a few plugins from different speakers. The plugin in particular that I am looking forward to using is WP Customer Reviews. I think this particular plugin could make an immediate impact with some of my clients if it works as advertised.”
Wayne Street, Digital Marketing Specialist
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“My first Word Camp was a great experience; I learned so much from marketing to basic troubleshooting tools. In the morning, I learned about great free ways to promote your business through answering online questions and forums, embedding YouTube videos, and curing content on a weekly newsletter. In the afternoon, I drove more into technical skills with Google Analytics, tag manager and basic developing troubleshooting. I learned about best practices with theme development, frameworks, and engagement strategies that can help any website or business. I am very glad to attend WordCamp and I am excited to put what I’ve learned into practice.”
Robert Mady, Digital Marketing Specialist
WordCamp Raleigh 2016
“Great new plugin to solve trudging through a bunch of tired stock photos. Million Eyez allows you to submit a request for the photo type you want, such as “flower on the beach”, and they reach out to their network of photographers with your request, and you’ll get real pictures taken for you to include on your website. I can’t wait to try it out!”
Sharon Dawson, Marketing Communications Manager
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