What We Learned From WordCamp Raleigh 2014

TheeDigital attended WordCamp Raleigh 2014 to learn more about our favorite content management system, WordPress.

WordCamp Raleigh is an annual, community-organized conference for WordPress users – where attendees of all skill levels can learn, share ideas and meet other WordPress lovers.

This year WordCamp Raleigh was held on November 8 & 9, 2014 at the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University on Centennial Campus. TheeTeam spent the weekend learning about plugins, themes, and SEO tips, in addition to having one of our own speak in the Beginners track.

Sharing the Wealth: What We Learned From WordCamp Raleigh 2014

Here’s a look at what we learned from WordCamp Raleigh:

“People who are searching the web act as if they are on fire. What looks good enough after searching for a few seconds will often suffice – so be sure what you present on the page is optimized for people to find it quickly. Waiting 20 seconds for a page to load is too long – they will go elsewhere.”
Sharon Dawson, Internet Marketing Specialist
WordCamp Raleigh 2014 - Happy Users Buy Things
WordCamp Raleigh 2014 - Dog Password
“YouTube is better than Vimeo because Google owns YouTube and we want to make Google happy.”
Keri Giordano, Project Manager
“AngularJS is a very useful framework that integrates well with WordPress for single page apps and widgets. It is not very useful for SEO purposes because content is rendered dynamically, but Google’s crawlers are starting to load javascript so that could change in the future.”
James Pate, Internet Marketing Specialist
WordCamp Raleigh 2014 - Hacked
WordCamp Raleigh 2014 - Social Mentions
“Always use the codex when you have questions about Wordpress.”
Katie Sommerfeld, Marketing Assistant
“Don’t use admin for a username! That’s the first thing hackers will try.”
Keri Giordano, Project Manager
WordCamp Raleigh 2014 - Minify
“Pay attention to website security – ignorance is not bliss.”
Lauren Curatola, Marketing Communications Manager
“The main point of your webpage/blog needs to be in the first paragraph. Only 63% of readers will read your third paragraph, and only 32% of them will read your fourth paragraph. The first part of your sentences and paragraph is given the most credibility. If the main message is that you’re a Raleigh web design firm, lead with that, instead of burying it at the end of your paragraph.”
Sharon Dawson, Internet Marketing Specialist

Did you attend WordCamp Raleigh 2014 this past weekend? Comment below or tweet at us (@TheeDigital) and let us know what you learned!

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