How to Set Up LinkedIn for Your Law Firm

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Are you one of the 200+ million LinkedIn users? Social media, like LinkedIn, is the most effective and least expensive marketing tool available to your law firm.
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The social media and internet marketing specialists at TheeDigital will show you how to professionally connect to others, drive traffic to your main website, how to send professional invite messages, and recommendation requests via your law firm.  Experience the networking power that comes with LinkedIn to connect with new clients, stay up to date with previous clients, as well as to network with other organizations in your city.

Create Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

  1. Visit  This can be done on a mobile device but some users may find it easier to do on a desktop.
  2. If you already “started” a profile, sign in and go to step 3. If you haven’t created one yet, then fill out the registration form and “Join Now”. Fill out the basic profile questions and click “Create my profile.”
  3. Click on “profile” and then on “edit profile.”
  4. There may be a blue box that says, “Welcome xxxxx. Let’s improve your profile.” Start filling out those fields. Continue to fill out the fields under “Activity,” “Background,” and the “Recommended for you” fields on the right-hand side.
  5. Fill out items in the “you can also add…” section. Remember, the more content you provide about your law firm, the more professional your LinkedIn profile will be.
  6. Make sure to edit your personal LinkedIn URL. Remember to use your personal name, not the name of your law firm. Your company page will be discussed after a few more steps.
  7. Click on “Edit Contact Info” so you can add your website’s URL and other contact information.
  8. Look for connections from your email list; LinkedIn will do this for you.
Congratulations! Your personal LinkedIn profile as a lawyer is now complete! Now that your personal profile is all ready, it’s time to add your law firm’s company page.  This is the step that will allow potential customers to find your law firm on LinkedIn as well as find an easy way to navigate to your website.  This will help drive more traffic directly to your website as well as build up your network of potential clients who are local to your area.  It is important to properly set up your company law firm page in order to maximize the amount of traffic that flows from LinkedIn to your website.  With some work to your law firm website, you can create a funnel that will help turn LinkedIn visitors into converting clients.  LinkedIn is a great resource for generating more traffic to your law firm’s website but also for establishing authority with potential customers in your area.

Creating Your Law Firm LinkedIn Page

  1. While on your personal profile, click “companies” on the page header.
  2. Click “add a company,” which is found on the right side of the page.
  3. Fill out your law firm’s name and your e-mail address at the firm, check the verification button and click “continue.” You will have to verify the request by opening the e-mail LinkedIn has sent you and clicking on the verification link.  This will verify your law firms profile page on LinkedIn.  Finally, you will then be prompted to sign back in to LinkedIn, using your personal sign in.
  4. You can now start adding your firm’s information as well as decide if anyone else from your company is going to be an administrator for your law firm’s page.
  5. If you have job openings in your firm, you can post them under “post jobs”.  The company job opening section is a great opportunity to hire qualified employees who are actively looking to work with professional law firms in your area.
  6. Add specific information about legal services you provide by using the “admin tools” drop down box on the upper right of the screen and clicking on “add product or service”.  LinkedIn allows the user to customize their profile with content so you can provide contact information, law services your provide, recent projects you have been involved in, and other content.
You should be able to create both your LinkedIn professional profile and company profile in less than an hour and be well on your way to sending personal and customized invites to other professionals who may be directly or indirectly interested in your legal services.  LinkedIn can be your gateway to connecting with potential clients, receiving applications for new job openings you firm has, or networking with other businesses in your city.  The possibilities are endless and it can be a great tool to help your expand the reach of your law firm. Welcome to LinkedIn!
Looking for social media and internet marketing experts to help you manage your LinkedIn account and develop digital marketing strategies for your law firm? Contact the experts at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation.

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