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The Best HVAC Websites in 2021

Wondering what makes an HVAC website great and who made our list of favorite sites in 2021? Click to check them out & learn what gives them the edge.

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HVAC contractors need to be the hero for their customers’ comfort – since today’s consumers often look to the web before calling you up, it’s vital to have an HVAC website that ranks and positions you as the preferred, local answer to their needs. There are quite a few components to making a website that does this properly, which we’ll go over later on in this article.

Best HVAC Websites

Our Picks For Best HVAC Websites

Bowman Mechanical Services

bowman homepage

Pyramid Heating & Cooling

pyramid heating homepage

Penland Heating & Air Conditioning

penland homepage

Trustco Heating & Air

trustco heat and ac homepage

R & S Mechanical HVAC + Refrigeration Services

rs mechanical homepage

Carini Heating, Air & Plumbing

carini homepage

Air System Services

air system services homepage

The Recipe for an HVAC Website That Converts:

Mobile Responsive

People spend more and more time on their phones these days, so it’s no wonder that chances are high they’ll use their smartphone to search for a local contractor, especially when time is of the essence in a comfort emergency. Your agency should put emphasis on creating a site that functions well for the user on their handheld device so they’ll have an easier time contacting you. Easy to find click-to-call buttons and legible text are a few elements to a great mobile experience.

Educational Content 

Be the engaging expert! Provide content to your readers that helps them learn about your services and learn something useful for their day to day lives. For example, blogs and pages can offer useful tips on saving money on AC through practical tips. This will paint you as the helpful, knowledgeable pro that your customers need. Furthermore, technical concepts need to be presented in a relatable way, easy to digest for the average homeowner. The more they can understand, the more they’ll appreciate it. 

Make Services & Service Area Clear

Highlight the types of services you offer…do you do HVAC for residential, commercial, industrial, restaurants, warehouses, boats, etc…one or a mixture of these? Let them know what brands of systems you can work on. Also make it clear which cities and towns you can visit for service. Your site visitor should quickly know if you can meet their needs where they live. 

SEO Built In 

As a local service provider, you’re going to need SEO built in that will rank for your local service areas. Properly placing keywords and variations for your services offered, along with linking strategies, will help your site appear more for local searchers. Different people in different areas may call one service by another name, so let your website team know how people talk about services locally. A regular supply of content that demonstrates your team’s expertise will also help in the rankings climb.

Fast Path to Conversions

Customer has problems? You’ve got solutions! Think about it this way, generally when someone calls an HVAC company, they’re dealing with an emergency…the cool air is gone and they’re starting to boil for example. When they access your site, it’s imperative to have your contact info easily available so they can get in touch with you fast. Your phone numbers, including your emergency and after hours numbers, service scheduling buttons and contact forms should be easy to find on each page. 

Availability & Scheduling

Expanding on the point above, make availability easy. Clearly post your business hours and sync your online scheduling tool with your field management tool and technicians’ calendar. This will help people plan service around their busy schedules and will streamline booking operations on your end too. Some good scheduling tools include: 

  • ServiceTitan
  • Service Fusion
  • FieldEdge

Help Your Visitors Trust You

Trust is huge in this industry – since people are literally having your technicians come into their homes, they want to know that you employ people who respect them, their property and their time. Customer reviews are a great way to illustrate this so make sure they’re on your site or can be found easily via a link. Online reviews hold as much value as personal suggestions for almost 90% of modern consumers.

Reviews From Third Party Tools

You can make customer reviews appear on your site nearly effortlessly with online review feeds from third party tools. This will add a stream of new reviews for visitors to see as they become available.

Pictures Say It All

Add pictures of your technicians and trucks to your website. People don’t want to see stock photos, they want to see you! Show your techs on the job performing work, speaking with customers – this will put real faces to your company and will also help with the trust factor. Make sure your team is uniformed and clean, remember, you want to present professionalism. 

Promotional Videos

Videos are becoming an even more powerful marketing tool. Just like pictures, they’ll help you build a connection with your customers and give you an opportunity to show off your expertise more in-depth. Post videos with tips to save money on cooling or heating or use videos to explain different services and what they entail. 

Use An Online Quoting Tool

A quick quote or estimate will help your visitor get a better idea of what they’ll need to spend for their project. Providing a simple quote through a tool on your website will move your potential customer one step closer to scheduling and if they’re happy with the price, they may be deterred from calling up a competitor for a quote. 

Are You Qualified? 

It’s advantageous to showcase things like NATE certifications and training program participation, proving that you really know your stuff and can provide fantastic service. Showing local awards you’ve won will also bolster your reputation.

Provide Specials & Coupons

Offer enticing discounts and specials on your services to excite visitors even more. You also have to remember, many HVAC services are fixes for emergency situations, unexpected by the homeowner. You’ll be doing them a favor by reducing the weight of the surprise cost for example.

Offer Online Chat 

Chat tools will quickly engage visitors and can help you capture more conversions. It’s another way for your prospects to easily learn about your services and have questions answered. You can benefit from chat services that lead to a real agent or from automated chatbots too. 

Great User Experience

Your site should offer a stress free experience; fast load times, eye catching hover features & clear and easy site navigation will keep site visitors longer and will lend to more conversions. 

Pretty, Professional Design

People make quick judgements on appearances and your website design is no different. A clean, bright, visually pleasing website will give your company a professional feeling, making potential customers more likely to call…your website is an extension of your brand and professionalism. Does someone want a messy, out-of-date, unprofessional technician coming to their home? Nope! Make sure your site portrays your clean cut culture. See: 2023 web design trends

Offer Ongoing Maintenance Plans

This is a great way to provide value for your customers. Let them know the benefits – how a tune-up in the spring for AC and a tune-up in the fall for heating will reduce the chances that their system will fail out-of-the-blue. Maintenance can also make their systems operate more efficiently. With a maintenance plan from you, your customers can benefit all year long!

Benefit From an Effective HVAC Site!

Call 919-341-8901 today or schedule a meeting scheduling a consultation with our digital experts for a website that puts you in front of local customers.

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