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The Best Field Service Management Software for HVAC Companies

Find the right field service management software for your HVAC company with our list of the fifteen best programs on the market.

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When you run an HVAC company, you deal with a lot of moving parts – literally and figuratively! Technicians travel to multiple job sites every day, parts and inventory come in and out regularly, customers need to be billed, fleet vehicles need maintenance, and that’s just the everyday stuff. 

Keeping all of that organized can be a full-time job, but that’s where field service management software comes in. Field service software, sometimes just called HVAC software in the industry, helps organize and streamline your operations so you can focus on keeping your customers happy. 

There are several different HVAC software options out there, so how do you choose one that’s right for your business? To help you decide, we compared 15 of the most popular field service management software programs. These are programs that businesses like yours already use and love, so read on to learn how they can help your business too!

Best Field Management Software for HVAC Companies

The Most Important Features that the Top HVAC Field Management Software Should Have

Not all field management softwares will have this winning combination, but here are a few major features that can really pack a punch in making your business operations flow more easily:

  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Payment, Invoicing & Estimates
  • Mobile Device Usability
  • GPS Tracking For Technicians
  • Integration with Quickbooks
  • Ability to Communicate with Customers

The Best Field Service Management Software for HVAC Companies


419 votes

FieldEdge (formerly dESCO) has been an industry leader in HVAC software for over 35 years so they’ve had plenty of time to refine their field service management software. With their cloud-based technology and easy-to-use mobile app, FieldEdge connects everyone in your business and gives you a quick overview of your entire operation.

On the job site, FieldEdge increases your technicians’ efficiency and gives them the tools to give professional sales presentations, track customer history, send invoices, and collect mobile payments with seamless Quickbooks integration. As a business owner, you can use FieldEdge to view all work orders in one place, assign work orders, route your technicians, review upcoming and expiring service agreements, send invoices and agreements, send texts to homeowners to let them know your techs are on the way, and so much more.

  • Free demo: Yes
  • Cloud-based: Yes
  • Price: Not available on the FieldEdge website
  • Mobile app: Yes, available for Apple and Android devices
  • Training: FieldEdge provides training in-person and via online calls, webinars, and in documentation on their website
  • Support: You can contact the FieldEdge support team via phone, email, or online chat during EST business hours


350 votes

ServiceTitan is an all-inclusive HVAC software solution. From sales to dispatching, booking to invoicing, and even marketing, it does it all! Their award-winning mobile app lets your technicians do more in the field while the desktop version allows you to stay on top of everything at HQ. You can even manage payroll, inventory, and payments right in ServiceTitan.

Businesses that use ServiceTitan love the ease-of-use and features like data tracking, drag-and-drop booking, customer history, and reporting to help them organize and grow their HVAC company.

  • Free demo: Yes
  • Cloud-based: Yes
  • Price: Not available on the ServiceTitan website
  • Mobile app: Yes, available for Apple and Android devices
  • Training: Learn to use ServiceTitan in-person or via online calls and webinars
  • Support: ServiceTitan support is available via phone and email during PST business hours

Service Fusion

340 votes

Service Fusion is a user-friendly, cloud-based field service management software solution for HVAC companies. Dispatch technicians, schedule appointments, give estimates, create new customers, track your fleet, and so much more, all from your PC or mobile device using the Service Fusion field worker app. You can even use Service Fusion for internal tasks like payroll, inventory management, and reporting.

One feature that sets Service Fusion apart is the ability to create your own branded app with their service. Customers can download the app and use it to schedule service appointments, send photos to technicians, and see their service history. This feature gives your business a big advantage over the competition: your company right on your customer’s phone!

  • Free demo: Yes
  • Cloud-based: Yes
  • Price: Service Fusion charges a flat monthly fee starting at $99 per month
  • Mobile app: Yes, available for Apple and Android devices
  • Training: Training is available through webinars, online calls, and documentation on the Service Fusion site
  • Support: Support is available via phone, email, and their online support center


320 votes

As a cloud-based service and mobile app, SimPRO connects everyone in your business and simplifies your operations across job sites and in the office. Their goal is to make sure that all of your proverbial Ts are crossed so your HVAC company can be more profitable.

Its robust capabilities allow you to schedule resources and technicians, manage assets across job sites, easily create estimates and quotes, send invoices, process payments, and much more. It’s also compatible with a wide variety of popular programs like Gmail, Quickbooks, Outlook, and Xero so it’s easy to merge into your current system.

One major drawback to SimPRO is the fact that it doesn’t have a routing planning feature. If this is important to your business, you’ll have to use a separate route planning software.

  • Free demo: Yes
  • Cloud-based: Yes
  • Price: Not available on the SimPRO website.
  • Mobile app: Yes, available for Apple and Android devices.
  • Training: Training for SimPRO is available online, in person, via webinars, and in documentation on their website.
  • Support: There is an online helpdesk where you can submit a support ticket, live chat, or search support documents. You can also call them from 9AM-5PM MT in the US.


318 votes

ThermoGRID focuses on reducing paperwork while maximizing profits. It’s all-in-one field management software that helps streamline scheduling, dispatching, marketing, inventory, and your calendar. You can also manage time sheets and pull management reports to tell you how your technicians are performing.

Like other field management software options, ThermoGRID has a mobile app that is compatible with Apple and Android devices. What sets ThermoGRID apart is its smart dispatch system. Before dispatching a technician, it takes into account the job location and the technician’s skill set to make sure you send the best person for the job.

  • Free demo: Yes
  • Cloud-based: Yes
  • Price: Not available on the ThermoGRID website
  • Mobile app: Yes, available for all Apple and Android devices
  • Training: While there is no training information on their website, third-party sites say training is available in-person and via webinars and online calls
  • Support: Support is available via email and phone

Housecall Pro

310 votes

Housecall Pro is an HVAC software program that allows you to streamline your operations every step of the way: from booking appointments to payment processing. It gives your technicians the ability to send “on the way” texts, “job completed” texts, invoice, and collect payment while they’re out in the field, making customers happy and allowing you to get paid sooner.

One of the features that separates Housecall Pro from the competition is the booking feature. This allows customers to book appointments online, allowing you to get leads and jobs 24/7. Just book your technician and it’s all set!

  • Free demo: Yes (it’s also worth noting that they offer a free 14 day trial)
  • Cloud-based: Yes
  • Price: This depends on the amount of users you have. One user starts at $39 per month. You can have unlimited users for $199 per month with an annual contract
  • Mobile app: Yes, available for Android 5 and above and IOS 9 and above
  • Training: There is no training information available on the Housecall Pro website
  • Support: Support is available via live chat and over the phone


308 votes

Workiz is a cloud-based field service software that can help you run every aspect of your HVAC company. Schedule and manage service appointments with a user-friendly drag-and-drop calendar and manage payments, leads, current customers, and your team all in one place. Workiz also has third-party integrations with services like MailChimp, Quickbooks, and Gmail so it’s easy to use alongside your current accounting, billing, and marketing software.

  • Free demo: Yes (they also offer a free 14 day trial)
  • Cloud-based: Yes
  • Price: Starts at $50 per month with an annual contract
  • Mobile app: Yes, available for all Apple and Android devices
  • Training: There is no training information available on the Workiz website
  • Support: Support is available via phone and you can submit a support ticket on their website. They also have a large library of support articles for you to browse


302 votes

mHelpDesk can help you integrate your office and field operations. It’s generally made for small to medium HVAC businesses. This offers a web and a mobile app, giving you the power to invoice, estimate, dispatch & schedule and also bill from wherever you are. It also includes a staff messaging system plus live mapping to help you keep track of your techs and their assignments.

  • Free demo:  Yes, you can schedule a free walkthrough with a specialist
  • Price: Not made available.
  • Mobile app: Yes, available on iOS and Android
  • Training: Yes, they provide a pre-launch review process and a personal trainer.
  • Support: Live chat and phone help available. They also offer a video library with training videos.


300 votes

This software is known to be very affordable and comprehensive including: payment, invoicing, a communication platform between employees and customers, mobile access, tracking with GPS and integration with Quickbooks just to name a few main features.

Another great future is that it can also help your techs to purchase orders for parts while they’re in the field!

  • Free demo: Yes, you can schedule a free demo on their website.
  • Price: Not available.
  • Mobile app: Yes, available on iOS and Android.
  • Training: Yes, they offer training.
  • Support: They offer a customer support team and a knowledge base for customers.


298 votes

Coolfront presents it’s service as “zero-cost” – you only pay a small fee with each created work order and additional repair added to a work order – that fee is added to the customer’s bill…once your customer pays, your original fee is recovered. That’s a nice perk! This is a mobile app that utilizes a flat rate pricing system. It can help your work order flow, scheduling, dispatching, and can easily integrate with Quickbooks. Unfortunately it does not come with a routing capability and you cannot directly call customers while using the app.

  • Free demo: Yes, you can book a free demo with an agent.
  • Price: $1.89 per work order, recovered when customer pays bill.
  • Mobile app: Coolfront will operate on the majority of smartphones, computers and tablets.
  • Training: Unlimited training.
  • Support: Unlimited support.

Smart Service

290 votes

Smart Service is known for being a very comprehensive field management software and is great for companies both small and large. You should be able to keep track of nearly all parts of your business with this tool. It can assist you with payments and invoicing, dispatching and scheduling and can integrate with Quickbooks.

  • Free demo: Yes, they offer free demos.
  • Price: Not provided on website.
  • Mobile app: Yes, available on Android and iOS.
  • Training: Yes, they offer in person and online training.
  • Support: Yes, support is provided.


284 votes

Known for having an easy to learn and use platform, Jobber is a great pick for a smaller HVAC organization that is looking to streamline and grow. This tool can help you better organize your scheduling, billing & invoicing. With their extended versions, you can enjoy live GPS tracking, time tracking and even more.

  • Free demo: You can try Jobber free for 14 days.
  • Price: Core version starts monthly at $39 or $29 monthly with an annual plan.
  • Mobile app: Available for IOS and Android.
  • Training: Yes, they offer online and in-person training.
  • Support: Yes, they offer online and call-in support.


282 votes

This software is used for both residential and commercial service companies and can truly help with logging tech hours, job reports, scheduling work, creating invoices & dispatching. It can also assist techs in generating quotes in the field. This powerful tool is a great asset for streamlining your workflow.

  • Free demo: Yes, free demo offered as well as one month free trial.
  • Price: Beginning at $20 per user
  • Mobile app: Yes, offered on iOS and Androids.
  • Training: Yes, in-person and online.
  • Support: They provide call-in and online support.


280 votes

Fieldpoint is a good option for small & medium HVAC companies. Integration with Quickbooks is available and field techs can also collect signatures in the field through this software. Dispatching and scheduling elements are easy to understand and use. The software overall is known to be flexible and scalable, making it a nice ally in your healthy growth.

An added pro is that business owners often comment on Fieldpoint’s ability to properly understand their business models. They also report that the Fieldpoint team is reliably helpful in assisting with new solutions for their growth. A great team behind great software is certainly a bonus.

  • Free demo: Yes, they offer a free demo.
  • Price: Not available on website.
  • Mobile app: Available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Training: Available in-person as well as online.
  • Support: Yes, they offer call-in plus online support.

Choosing the Best Field Service Management Software is Just the First Step in Growing Your HVAC Company

To take your business to the next level, call TheeDigital. Our marketing professionals have the experience and knowledge to market your HVAC business so you get more leads and more profit. Contact our digital marketing experts today by calling 919-341-8901 or by scheduling a complimentary consultation to get started.

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