Great HVAC Websites: Why Expertise is so Important

Want to gain the advantage in your local HVAC market? Learn why expertise on your HVAC website is so valuable for ranking and winning new customers.

People have multiple choices for local HVAC contractors, so it’s crucial that your HVAC website really stands out to not only search engines, but also to curious potential customers. Showing your expertise can make quite the difference when trying to convince someone to call in and book. Expertise is a big factor Google uses to rank websites, part of their Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T) determination. Today we’re going to focus specifically on Expertise in an HVAC context. Let’s break down how you can illustrate this very important element to generate more leads. 

Show expertise in your HVAC website for SEO boost

Showing Expertise To Search Engines

Making sure your content is both relevant and of high quality is a good starting point and a basic aspect to your HVAC SEO strategy. You want to prove that you actually know what you’re talking about. Thoroughly explain your services and their purpose. As an example, write about the various benefits of regular AC maintenance. Explain the tasks completed…tightening loose parts, cleaning the outdoor unit, checking refrigerant levels and lines for leaks etc…shedding light on the reasons for system failures works as well:

HVAC Website Designs with expertise rank better

More Ways to Boost Expertise

  • Have any blog posts published with your company’s owner/president as the author. Someone who is experienced and knowledgeable will give your content more validity. 
  • If there is a new popularity with a certain type of HVAC technology, have your marketing team craft your opinions on its function – clearly explain its benefits and uses. 
  • Make your site easily crawlable for search engines –  provide a sitemap and logical categorization of pages.

Are You Licensed? Let Them Know!

Include your company’s license number and all current certifications on your HVAC website to give search engines even more reason to believe in your expertise. If you’re a Trane certified dealer, let Google know! Here are some great examples of certifications for contractors:

  • ACCA Certification
  • NATE Certification
  • EPA Certifications
  • Master Technician Certifications
Build trust with expertise in your HVAC Website

These qualifications will also make your would-be customers happy too, we’ll get to that next…

Be The Expert For Your Audience Too…

You’re also proving your expertise to site visitors as well and that can truly pay off for you. When someone lands on your site, they want to feel that you really know your stuff, especially since you are dealing with very technical services and sometimes expensive services. 

Be Informative

Imagine this for a second…you’re buying a new refrigerator and have a lot of questions before you want to purchase. Which salesperson do you want to help you – the one who has just the basic knowledge or the one who can answer each and every question in detail on different models? Naturally, the more knowledgeable one! This applies to the HVAC industry too. Many people simply don’t understand the multiple aspects and operations of HVAC systems, but when you offer explanations in an easily digestible way, they’ll be more likely to choose you. Here are a few ideas that show off your knowledge:

  • Explain the steps of installation processes
  • Detail different system capabilities
  • Provide DIY tips on energy efficiency
  • Explain how local weather can affect heating and cooling

The Value Aspect

The modern customer searchers for more than a service these days. They often want to educate themselves on a subject before making any decisions. They want to learn. When you supply accurate and extensive info, your customer will come to appreciate what you have to offer…not just a service, but service from a friendly expert who really cares that their customers understand what is going on. Now that’s value which people will appreciate!

Get an HVAC Website That Shows Your Expertise!

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