5 Basic SEO Tactics for Your Online Business

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You might have heard someone mention the term “SEO” before, also referred to as search engine optimization. What you may not know is how important it is to understand search engine optimization in order to leverage your website’s ability to drive consumers to your site and climb the search engine ranks.

By implementing the proper SEO tactics to your online business’ website, you will be able to see why marketers see search engine optimization as a goldmine for online marketing. However, implementing SEO tactics in the right way are essential to seeing a difference for your business’ online presence. In order to understand the concept of SEO as it relates to search engine results, the key strategies of SEO have to be broken down and properly explained.

Tactic #1: Keywords

You may have heard about how important keywords are to connecting your website with relevant material that others are searching for. For example, it may be beneficial to understand what your target keywords should be in relation to your business. Instead of “hardware store,” consider specific keywords such as “Raleigh hardware store,” which will point people to your website if SEO is implemented correctly. It is imperative to know that too many keywords will oversaturate your website and cause search engine sites to block you from being listed. Playing by the SEO rules is vital if you do not want your site penalized.

Tactic #2: Tags and Titles

Page titles of your online business website should, to a certain extent, reflect your keyword choices. Title tags are what you see in the bar at the top of your browser, as well as the link titles that show up in search engines. Title tags are extremely important, as it tells the search engines what your business is about. Title tags have to be written differently for each page, especially since the general idea is to have different content for different pages. The title should reflect the content, as well as stay short and simple.

Tactic #3: Quality Links Pointing To Your Website

The term “backlink” refers to links that point straight to your website. If you visit a page on a social media site that links to your website, that is an example of a backlink supporting traffic to your website. It is important to have quality links that can point people to your site. Having your links embedded in the anchor texts or content can greatly affect the traffic to your site.

Tactic #4: Content, content, content

Content creation can make or break your online business reputation. There are a few questions you should ask yourself when creating content, which include:
  • Am I telling the story of my company?
  • Is my content well written and genuine?
  • Is my content unique?
Search engines can detect good content from bad content. Many search engines shut down companies with duplicate content, so it is essential to write in your own way that visitors will enjoy reading.

Tactic #5: Image Descriptions

Visual aid is very important when thinking about the design of your website. However, it also helps with SEO. ALT tags are used for picture keyword descriptions, which is necessary for text searches. If you want to add a caption, it may be beneficial to you as well. Failing to add ALT tags to your images will only hinder your SEO capabilities. When it comes to SEO, the bottom line is to realize that it is necessary for your online business if you care about where you stand in the search engine rankings. The goal is to get more people to see you exist, and SEO can help you do just that!

SEO: It’s (Literally) Our Business

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