4 Signs You Need a New Website + 1 Way to WIN One

How do you know if you need a new website? We explain the 4 most important signs to look for, plus share one way to win a FREE website!

Like it or not, future customers judge you on your website. If it appears out of date, contains inaccurate info, doesn’t function correctly or isn’t user-friendly, customers are one click away from a competitor with a better website.

How do you know if you need a new website? Check out these 4 surefire signs:

Your Website Isn’t Responsive

Have you looked at your website on a tablet or a mobile phone lately? Nearly 60% of internet searches are done on a mobile device, making responsive web design critical to your online presence. You need to be sure that your website looks great and functions correctly no matter the device or screen size.

Your Website Doesn’t Include Social Sharing

You worked hard creating helpful and compelling content for your website. You want website visitors to share it on social media, but you have to make it easy. Failing to include social sharing buttons means you could be missing out on a whole new audience of potential customers.

Your Website Doesn’t Have a Quality CMS

The technology behind your website is just as important as what it looks like. You wouldn’t want a sleek-looking corvette with a broken engine, right? Updating your website should be easy. If you don’t have a quality content management system (CMS), chances are the information on your website is outdated.

Using a CMS like Wordpress means you can easily update your website with the latest product information and company news. WordPress also makes it easy to optimize your website for SEO and includes a host of helpful plugins.

Your Website Doesn’t Contain CTAs

A potential client found your website – great, but now what? Your website should intuitively guide your customers to an action. Including call-to-actions throughout your website guides potential customers to becoming actual customers. Some examples of CTAs are:

  • Signing up for a newsletter, webinar, or event
  • Leaving a comment or a review
  • Purchasing a product
  • Win a New Website

Speaking of CTAs, here’s another great example:

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